U Panel FIBC Bag: An ideal packaging and transporting solution

Are you looking for a durable bulk bag that can bear high SWL? Are you looking for more information about the U panel FIBC bag?

What is a type a fibc? What are the advantages and applications?


The jumbo bag unloading system and the information you need to know

The jumbo bag unloading system is a specialised equipment used to transfer goods from jumbo bags to smaller bags or other means of transport. This is an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses that need to unload goods from bulk bags.

What is jumbo bag filling machine? 

The jumbo bag filling machine is a equipment used to pack large, heavy materials into jumbo bags. The filling machine can work in an automatic or semi-automatic way, depending on the customers' need

Jumbo bags and their basic features

​​​​​​​Jumbo bags are also known as FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bags, big bags. This is a flexible packing bag used to transport and store special goods such as waste, plastic granules, sand, cement, animal feed and many other materials.

Should we use Bulk bags for waste disposal?

Bulk bags for waste disposal is a large packaging that can hold many different types of scrap or waste such as metal, plastic, paper, fabric, wood.

The most common types of bulk bags

FIBC bags or bulk bags can hold many different types of goods such as rice, coffee, fertilizer, and construction materials. The bag also has many advantages of saving space, being easy to transport, and protecting goods from mold and insects

FIBC bags for resins and the information you need to know

​​​​​​​FIBC bags for resins can hold from 500kg to 2000kg of goods. This packaging is often used to hold plastic granules such as PP, PE, PVC, PET, ABS, PS, PC, PA, POM, PBT, PTFE...

Export turnover of bulk bags Australia increased dramatically

When it comes to the packaging industry, we cannot fail to mention FIBC bags - a type of packaging that plays an important role in packaging and transporting agricultural products, chemicals or minerals. In recent years, the export of bulk bags Australia has experienced amazing growth.

Bulk bags with handles - Efficient freight solutions

Bulk bags with handles are specialized big bags used to transport large and heavy goods. Thanks to their functionality, the bag has become an optimal solution for the transportation of goods in many different industries including freight