Should we use lined super sacks or coated bulk bags? 
Jumbo bags have been serving the bulk packaging needs of various industries for decades now. However, sometimes we have to choose between using lined super sacks or coated bulk bags with PP film depending on the customer's requirement

Where to buy high-quality antistatic type d fibc bags?
The jumbo bag was originally developed in Europe in the 1970s. However, it has since been widely adopted in the Americas and other developing countries. The use of FIBC bags is popular today in all types of industries.

Top 5 best-selling jumbo bags in 2022
The 2022 review shows a sharp increase in jumbo bag sales. As FIBCs become more and more popular, many businesses are looking to buy quality big bags in bulk.

Vietnam's current cement export situation
Export operations are becoming more and more crucial to any nation's trade activities in the era of global economic integration. Vietnam has thus seen a dramatic surge in export activity in recent years. Vietnam's export output, particularly of cement, surged significantly.

Where can I get high-quality cement Jumbo bags?
Where can I get high-quality cement Jumbo bags? Many businesses, as well as construction contractors, have this question. Because cement is an important material in the construction industry. Because construction cement is a fine powder product with high specific gravity, the packaging and storage must ensure that the fine powder does not leak out or that moisture affects the product's quality.

What is industrial packaging?
Industrial Jumbo bags protect, transport, and store a wide range of goods. Packaging is typically used on-site and immediately after production, but it can be used anywhere in the supply chain.

What standards must export packaging meet when it is produced?
Do you know what standards must be followed while producing export packaging? Currently, Vietnam's packaging sector not only serves the domestic market well but also meets export needs.

What are the distinguishing characteristics of FIBC bags?
What are the distinguishing characteristics of FIBC bags that many businesses need to know in order to select the best bag line for their needs? Because of their versatility, FIBC bags are widely used in a variety of industries.

Jumbo bags use in various industries.
Jumbo bags, sometimes known as bulk bags, are ideal for transporting the waste, sand, or even metal. Use large-capacity bags that can be easily brought to the machines and folded when not in use to save space. These Jumbo bags are widely used in a variety of sectors to take advantage of these benefits.

A list of frequently asked jumbo bags questions
FIBC bags, also known as jumbo bags, have become extremely useful in transporting a wide range of goods in large quantities. These bags are long-lasting, safe, and sanitary, making them ideal for reusing.