Spout top and bottom bulk bags
Spout top and bottom bulk bags are increasingly used for storing and transporting goods in the era of industrialization and modernization. Their dimensions are designed depending on the working load, the nature of the contained products, and the means of transport from each enterprise

Selection criteria of bulk bag low price
The Selection criteria of bulk bag low price are concerned by many businesses. Especially those who are choosing this product as a packaging solution. The correct criteria will help you choose the most suitable type and the dimension of FIBCs

Criteria for choosing PP woven bulk big bag
Criteria for choosing PP woven bulk big bags are always interested by many businesses to serve their needs. PP woven big bags, also known as Jumbo bags, bulk bags, super sacks, FIBCs are considered specialized large packaging solutions to store goods with a load of 500kg - 850kg

Learn about Bottom discharge bulk bag
The Bottom discharge bulk bag is a type of FIBC bag whose bottom is cut with a round hole and sewn with a coated PP woven spout with a diameter of 30cm - 50cm, a length of 45cm - 50cm. A tie will be attached to the side of this discharge spout

Where to buy industrial bulk bags at a low price?
Industrial bulk bags are popular products all over the world, because of their great benefits. These days, you can see this bag used in almost every factory. However, choosing a factory to ensure quality products and reasonable prices is not an easy thing

FIBC bags manufacturing process
FIBC bags manufacturing process is being concerned by many businesses to find the most accurate bulk bags for their applications. FIBC bulk bags are chosen to pack and protect goods from spilling out during transportation. Therefore, they are considered effective packaging solutions for many industries.

What features does the 1000kg cement bag have?
1000kg cement bags are being discussed by many cement manufacturers. This is a great solution when packing and storing building materials like cement with their outstanding strength and toughness.

Super sack's latest price
Many businesses are concerned about the super sack's latest price. Businesses are applying Jumbo bags as a solution for packaging, storing and transporting goods.

How are PP woven tote bags manufactured?
PP woven tote bags, also known as jumbo bags, big bags, FIBCs, bulk bags, super sacks with working loads of 500kg-1500kg, meet the requirements of each different material. Currently, FIBC tote bags are trusted by many customers. PP woven big bags are usually manufactured from environmentally friendly materials

Flexo printing technology on woven bulk bag
Normally, to create a basic quality woven bulk bag, manufacturers usually go through 10 steps. There are some steps that require special requirements on the production line of bulk bags. In the printing process, they often use Flexo printing technology to print all the required information.