What do you know about FIBC container bags?

FIBC container bags are used for many purposes such as storing or transporting goods between factories or for export needs. Currently, businesses choose bulk bags to store agricultural products or minerals for export, in which containerized big bags are the most suitable packaging. However, to select the right FIBC container bags, you need to note some of the following points. Criteria for choosing FIBC container bags Currently, container packaging has different characteristics and applications, therefore, it will be used for […]

Super sack with discharge spout and its great benefits

Super sack with discharge spout is suitable for storing powdery and granular products such as rice, lime, resins… This is a large capacity bag with great advantages, suitable for storing and transporting a lot of goods. The bag can carry bulk materials and suit the material inside with their flexibility. Customers can learn more about the product in this article with us. Do you know what Super sack with discharge spout is? The bottom discharge big bag is a type […]

Learn more about Polyethylene Liners for FIBC bags 

FIBC bags for ultra-fine powder, liquid or other goods that need to ensure food hygiene and safety usually have a Polyethylene bag called a Liner. PE Liners or Polyethylene Liners for FIBC bags help protect goods from temperature and impact of the outside environment. Readers can find out the details of Polyethylene Liner for bulk bags and their outstanding advantages in this article. What is FIBC Polyethylene liner? FIBC (abbreviated as a flexible intermediate bulk container), also known as jumbo […]

Criteria to buy the best quality bulk bag low price

Where can we buy Bulk bag low price or cheap jumbo bags with high quality?  If you search for the keyword “cheap FIBC bags” on Google today, 3,470,000 results will be displayed in just 0.55 seconds. So what criteria to buy cheap jumbo bags is also a common consideration of many businesses who want to use this product. Customers can find out the criteria for buying the best quality bulk bag low price in this article with us. Criteria to […]

Why is the tote FIBC bag divided into 4 types A, B, C, D?

Tote FIBC bag, also known as FIBC, is one of the packaging bags that play an important role in transporting and storing export goods. Each production process is strictly controlled to ensure whether the charge inside and the bag’s surface is out of balance or not. To learn more about the product, you can follow this article with us. Why is the tote FIBC bag divided into 4 types A, B, C, D? When filling and discharging goods with a […]

FIBCs in Vietnam and what you should know

FIBC bags in Vietnam are also known by other names such as 500kg big bag, jumbo bag, Bulk bag, 2-ton bag. This bag is made from virgin polypropylene resins(PP). This is a large capacity bag used to store and transport different types of heavy products. Readers can join us to learn more about FIBC jumbo bags in this article. What are some types of FIBCs in Vietnam? Among dozens of high-tech large bags, FIBC bag still won the trust of […]

Using perforated bulk bags to store and transport agricultural products

The Covid-19 epidemic is under control and transportation has become more convenient, therefore, the world’s demand for agricultural products continues to increase… Many businesses focus on packaging and preserving agricultural products in an optimal way to ensure their freshness during exporting. Perforated bulk bags or ventilated FIBC bags are specially designed for the safe storage and transport of agricultural products. Readers can join us to learn about vented bulk bags in this article. Why do we use Perforated bulk bags […]

Where to buy quality PP woven printed bags

Packaging printing is considered a factor that creates a brand for a business. Therefore, businesses should pay attention to choosing good materials, using printing methods with eye-catching and impressive content to attract the attention of customers. This is also an extremely successful marketing strategy applied by other businesses. Even large-capacity sacks such as FIBC bags are also focused on printing technology to improve product quality. In this article, we will share with readers where to buy quality PP woven printed […]

Interesting facts about container bag with spout

Container bag with spout or spout top and discharge bottom FIBC bag is used to carry and transport a variety of products. On the market today, customers can have a number of different options when buying jumbo bags for their applications. However, bulk bags with filling and discharge spout is still the choice of many businesses because of their remarkable benefits. You can follow this article to find out the interesting facts of FIBCs with spout.  Distinguish container bag with […]

What is the difference between laminated FIBC bags and bulk bags with Poly liners?

Laminated FIBC bags are flexible container bags that are increasingly used in industries for storing and transporting goods. These super sacks are coated with PP or PE film to increase moisture resistance and waterproofing. Besides coated big bags, many manufacturers also design jumbo bags with inner Poly liners (PE liners), which are very suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. So in which cases should Laminated FIBC bags and bulk bags with poly liners be used? Customers can find out […]

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