Standards for FIBC bags in the international market
FIBC bags are considered the most ideal solution when storing and transporting import and export goods. Packaging materials meet the call for energy saving and emission reduction with the purpose of efficient and rational use of resources. At the same time, it can also effectively reduce production costs for enterprises. So in the international market, what standards do FIBC bags need to meet

Visiting EPP Vietnam - a bulk bags manufacturer
Bulk bags produced by EPP Vietnam are widely used in various industries. The quality of our FIBC bags is much better than ordinary plastic woven bags. Therefore, businesses can reuse this jumbo packaging, both to save costs and protect the environment.

FIBC bags exports have many new prospects
FIBC bags exports are increasingly promising due to the global trend of using green packaging. PP bulk bags or jumbo bags are considered the most optimal solution for transporting and storing goods. The production of big bags in Vietnam has been applied for a long time, but only in recent years, the export industry has grown strongly.

Why are FIBC bags of flour sewn with filler cord?
The most common FIBC bags of flour are Q bags to maintain the square shape of the bag and save storage space. At the same time, this type of bulk bag is also specially designed to preserve wheat flour, keeping its value during transportation and storage.

What are top-lid Bulk bags?
The top lid bulk bags or jumbo bags with flap top are usually designed with a square body to match the top of the bag. The most common body fabric weight is 140 gr/m2 – 220 gr/m2 to ensure the safety of the goods and the bag without breaking during transportation.

What material are jumbo bags made of? What is the procedure for exporting jumbo bags
Jumbo bags were born to meet the growing demand for packaging and transportation for industry and agricultural production. This type of bag is made of special materials to pack and circulate a variety of goods.

Top 3 most prestigious and quality FIBC manufacturers
The most prestigious and quality FIBC manufacturers will supply high-class packaging products that do not affect or change the properties of the products inside. The main reason is that it is a heavy-duty big bag used to pack and preserve a variety of different goods.

What is ISO certification? ISO certification standards for industrial packaging
Whether the packaging is primarily for protection, or storage or other specific use, packaging manufacturers have strict quality requirements. Therefore, the ISO certificate is a necessary condition for the operation of every factory. In this article

Learn about jumbo bags' standard production materials
The raw material for jumbo bags is commonly known as Polypropylene. However, not everyone knows what Polypropylene is as well as its properties. If you are interested in this outstanding material, do not ignore the article below.

The green trend for materials in packaging production
Environmental problems are hotter than ever as the level of environmental pollution is increasing globally. One of the main causes is the increasing demand of using plastic packaging, non-biodegradable and slow-degrading packaging, which increases waste.