How many types of FIBC bag
In the era of industrialization and modernization, the use of FIBC bag for storing and transporting goods is increasing more and more. A Jumbo bag is a large size woven polypropylene (PP) packaging used to contain, store and transport products and materials with a capacity from 500kg to 2500kg.

Overview of fibc industry after Covid-19 pandemic
In 2021, the fibc industry witnessed the division of product groups and packaging materials. Despite the impact of the pandemic, many packaging companies are seizing growth opportunities by improving product quality.

Bulk bags of compost - the solution for every farmer
Agriculture is the main economic sector of the Vietnamese people. Extreme weather conditions make the soil arider, therefore, adding more nutrients is a prerequisite. Fertilizer becomes a strategy to help the agricultural industry grow stronger. As a result, choosing Bulk bags of compost is considered the perfect solution for every farmer to save money.

How does 1 ton jumbo bag price fluctuate?
The Covid-19 epidemic is gradually becoming saturated and people are also returning to the rhythm of life. Import and export activities are also promoted to develop the economy. This makes the packaging industry in general and the fibc industry, in particular, more exciting than ever. So with the increasing demand, how does 1 ton jumbo bag price fluctuate?

Jumbo bag and specialized terminology you need to know
Jumbo bags or FIBC bags have many different types and sizes, depending on the type of items they contain. The specifications for these products are technical and confusing. When choosing a fibc bag to use, you need to choose suitable size and style bag for your storage and transportation needs.

 Where is the best place to buy U Panel fibc bags
U panel jumbo bags are specially designed to best preserve goods during storage and transportation. Currently, the customs port is expanded to promote import and export trade, the demand for jumbo bags has also increased. If your business also has a need to use this article, then follow the article date below.

The demand for fibc container
Fibc container is made of thick woven polypropylene fabric for storing and transporting food, agriculture and other industrial products. FIBC jumbo bags are industry-standard big bags and offer an excellent combination of stackability, strength, and packaging convenience.

The advantages of u panel bulk bags
U panel bulk bags are manufactured by using a long piece of Pp fabric to make two sides (forming a U-shape) and one bottom. Then they will add 2 small pieces on the remaining sides. The U-panel jumbo bag is the industry standard bag and offers the benefits of ruggedness, stackability, and economy.

Compost super sacks with liners
Compost super sacks with liners are a great solution for safely and efficiently transporting and storing large quantities of fertilizer. However, for some products such as compost, the FIBC is generally not sufficient to protect the product from environmental impacts

Fibc jumbo bags -  the most perfect long-term grain storage solution
Whether you are a bulk supplier of agricultural products or grain, proper long-term storage is crucial if you want to maintain the quality and shelf life of your goods. The use of fibc jumbo bags has increased over the past few years due to their advantages over other types of storage packaging.