Some notes when choosing PP woven fabric for fibc jumbo bags
PP woven fabric is the finished product after the weaving process from polypropylene plastic yarn. This PP woven fabric does not stretch easily, therefore, it is very durable. As a result, it is often chosen to produce large super sacks such as jumbo bags thanks to the ability to withstand strong external forces. 

Specialized means of transporting FIBC bags
Lifting and transporting FIBC bags is a difficult job that requires skilled operators to ensure safety. Choosing a specialized means of transporting jumbo bags is also extremely important.

Which is better for big bags: corner loop or cross corner loop
Which is better for big bags: corner loop or cross corner loop? This is a common question of many businesses when they need to use FIBC bags for work. Moreover, big bags are usually transported by forklifts and cranes.

Choose suitable jumbo bags for building materials
Choosing suitable jumbo bags for building materials is a common question of many businesses today. Many industries such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and construction use Big bags to transport products. This type of fibc bag is durable to transport materials in the most convenient way.

Application of FIBC bulk bags for export agricultural products
Agriculture is one of the important export industries, contributing positively to Vietnam's overall export turnover. Besides product standards, choosing FIBC bulk bags for export agricultural products with large loads for a long time of use but maintaining the same value is a difficult problem for many businesses.

What do you know about PE Liners inside fibc super sacks
PE Liners inside fibc super sacks have good durability and transparency. Sometimes,  the woven PP bag is not enough to provide perfect protection for the goods, especially small pellets and powder products. Therefore, these jumbo bags need an extra layer of PE liner inside to better preserve the product.

What kind of FIBC bulk bags can store fine powder
Fine powders are often very susceptible to external environmental factors. Therefore, the packaging and storage of fine powders such as flour, cement, or chemical powder must be carefully preserved to avoid damage. That's why EPP wants to share with you in this article What kind of FIBC bulk bags can store fine powder?

The process of ordering and manufacturing jumbo bags at EPP Vietnam
EPP Vietnam is one of the leading reputable companies in the Vietnam packaging industry. EPP jumbo bags are made from heavy-duty woven PP fabric with or without moisture-proof features thanks to the lamination. Our products are always favored because of the quality and the competitive price.

How to preserve FIBC bulk bags in your warehouse
FIBC bulk bags is one of the popular types of packaging used to preserve, transport, and store bulk goods. To ensure a stable and continuous supply of materials, most businesses will stock their products in the warehouse. In particular, jumbo packaging plays an extremely important role to preserve product quality.

Reasons to choose FIBC bags with ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
In the previous post, EPP Vietnam shared about the necessary certificates to export FIBC bags. In particular, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015 are two important certificates when manufacturing and exporting jumbo bags. So what is the ISO 9001:2015 certificate?