Where to buy quality Bulk bags garden stones?
Bulk bags garden stones or bulk bags of stones are made of woven polypropylene which is extremely strong and durable with maximum strength. This type of fibc bags is used for many purposes such as transporting construction materials, bulk bags pea gravel, jumbo bag waste removal.

How are industrial super sacks lifted
Do you know how industrial super sacks are lifted? Jumbo bags are heavy-duty packaging that can store goods from 500kg - 2 tons, so they cannot be moved by human power but require the support of other devices. Therefore, FIBC bags often have 2 or 4 extra loops on the top to make handling and transporting more convenient and easier.

Things to know when using chemical bulk bags
Chemical bulk bags are used extensively in the mining industry as well as in many other applications. This type of FIBC bags has a large capacity that not only saves cost and time but also storage space.

Fibc bulk bags with fully belted loops and information you need to know
Fibc Bulk bags with fully belted loops are specially designed for storing and transporting heavy goods. With a specialized design, big bags can transport different kinds of bulk goods without breaking or during transportation. If your business is in need of this high-end packaging bag, please follow this article immediately

Standard selection of 1-ton jumbo bags
1-ton jumbo bags or big bags 1000kg are gradually dominating the market for packaging and transporting large loads. The predecessor of the bulk bag was made from PVC and used by rubber industry companies to transport carbon black.

What's new in the 2022 fibc packaging market? 
What's new in the fibc packaging market in 2022 is the information that many businesses are interested in choosing the best packaging solution. While things have been back to normal since early 2021, more than two years later, the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 continues to affect global supply chains.

The dangers of using poor quality pp super sacks
PP super sacks are types of large-capacity packaging used to store and transport many different types of goods. It is important that the packaging has a direct contact and great influence on the quality. Therefore, if businesses use poor-quality jumbo bags, they will not be safe in terms of safety and reduce the value of the product. Customers can refer to the article to fully understand the dangers of using unqualified bulk bags.

What are polypropylene bulk bags used for?
Polypropylene bulk bags are a common product used in transporting goods from one space to another. They are normally designed with durable, waterproof features. PP super sacks have the ability to hold a large weight and preserve goods in the best way.

Food grade bulk bags and some notes for food processing businesses
Food safety is always a matter of concern to consumers. This also puts a lot of pressure on food processing businesses. Therefore, when packing foodstuff, businesses always choose suitable packaging to limit spillage or contamination that affects product quality.

3 reasons why you should choose baffle bag
Baffle bag is widely used for transporting and storing different kinds of products. Whether it is agricultural products, fresh produce, fertilizers or chemicals, cement, or sand. The super sacks wholesale are specially designed so that when fully loaded, the bag will not swell but keep the square shape.