All about the history, concept, and function of packaging
Since ancient times, our forefathers used the first packaging in history which were different types of leaves. Due to the demand for living, production, and exchange of products, people began to use bark and animal skins to create more secure and convenient bags. Readers, please follow the article to find out all information about the history, concept, and function of packaging with EPP VietNam from time to time.

The most prestigious and quality jumbo bag company in the market
FIBC packaging is becoming a necessary product that many businesses are particularly interested in because of its environmentally friendly materials and affordable prices. Stemming from the needs of consumers, fibc companies appear more and more and compete fiercely.

Factors affecting the quality of food packaging bulk bags
Increasing social demand has led to the development of many industries, including food packaging. Packaging is becoming more and more diverse, with many designs, models, and materials to meet the requirements of different users. However, all types of packaging need to meet certain standards.

What factors affect the price of FIBC bags for food
According to the survey results, price, material, and packaging design are the 3 main factors that have the greatest influence on many businesses' buying decision of FIBC bags for food. In particular, the price directly affects the revenue and profit of the business

How to choose suitable fibc packaging for rice export
Vietnam is a powerhouse with strong industrial development, therefore, the demand for high-quality rice packaging is very large. In addition to packing and storing rice domestically, many businesses also choose fibc packaging for export to ensure quality.

Should jumbo bags be reused
The jumbo bag is made from 100% polypropylene. This type of plastic is recommended for its safety and mechanical strength, and chemical inertness. PP can be used for food packaging and FIBC packaging production. One of the best features of big bags is that they will serve your needs longer than one use.

What are the role of safe working load and safety factor for big bags?
What are the role of safe working load and safety factor for big bags? This is the topic EPP VietNam wants to share in this article. The reason is that ensuring labor safety is the top priority of enterprises. Every year, there are nearly 3 million occupational accidents as well as cases where employees are hit by objects or equipment while at work. It can be said that injury at work cannot be taken lightly.

Jumbo bags - Solution for the global supply chain
Jumbo bags are considered the solution for the global supply chain. Because the global supply chain often fluctuates according to the problems occurring around the world. The production, purchasing, and transportation of goods of most businesses are closely related to packaging and storage.

Big bags price in September 2022
Have you updated the Big bags price in September 2022? FIBC bags with diverse designs, and flexible working loads are considered sustainable and quality packaging solutions. However, many businesses are still concerned about the cost of using jumbo bags because of the outstanding advantages this type of packaging brings. In particular, the jumbo bag price is affected by what factors?

Useful applications of bulk bags in agriculture
The useful applications of bulk bags in agriculture can save packaging costs and ease transportation. Because agriculture is a vast industry, farmers need to harvest agricultural products, fertilize crops, store raw materials and transport products to buyers during the growing seasons.