Why do we use anti-static FIBC bags?
What are anti-static FIBC bags and why are they important? That is a question that many people may ask when dealing with this type of packaging. Anti-static bulk bags are large plastic container made from polypropylene woven fabric that is resistant to static electricity.

Comparison of Antistatic bulk bags and standard FIBC bags
FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bags are a type of flexible packaging widely used in many industries. They are capable of storing and transporting large particles, powder, and chemical products.

PP jumbo bag scrap features and applications
PP jumbo bag scrap can be considered one of the effective solution to protect our living environment today. The growing society means that waste is also increasing day by day.

Frequently asked questions about bulk bags mulch
The bulk bags mulch is an efficient means of transporting and storing in the construction, mechanical and timber industries.

How to use bulk bags rock salt effectively?
The bulk bags rock salt are an efficient solution for transportation and storage across industries. With the ability to hold large amounts of salt, jumbo bags not only save space but also protect products from loss and damage

Advantages and uses of Bulk bags mulch
Bulk bags mulch are an effective solution for collecting and transporting mulch and sawdust in the construction, timber and woodworking industries. With the ability to hold a large amount of sawdust and flexibility in use

Bulk bags with handles – New packaging trend
Bulk bags with handles is a popular packaging product in 2023. With its large size and convenient loops, jumbo bags have become an indispensable accessory for storing goods in many industries.

How does the FIBC market change in 2023?
The FIBC market in 2023 is getting better and better with soaring export volume. The economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic could facilitate industries that use FIBC bags

Where to buy quality Bulk bags garden stones?
With its flexibility and good bearing capacity, the Bulk bags garden stones is the ideal choice for carrying and storing. FIBC bags also often have loops or straps so they can be easily lifted with a crane or forklift, making stone handling easier.

Bulk bags compost and frequently asked questions
Bulk bags compost offers a multitude of special benefits. Compost can be heavy and difficult to handle. Especially when transporting over great distances. FIBC bags can hold large amounts of up to many tons of organic fertilizer.