What is the difference between u panel bulk bags and tubular fibc bags
U panel bulk bags, also known as U-panel jumbo bags, are special types of FIBCs used to store and transport many different bulk goods. Both the U-panel bag and the tubular big bag are made from coated polypropylene fabric (PP) to improve the waterproofing ability as well as preserve the product safely.

Top and bottom spout pp bulk bags for coffee beans
PP bulk bags for coffee beans have a top and bottom spout that makes loading and unloading goods more convenient and faster. The bottom of the FIBC bag has a discharge spout combined with a tie used for unloading.

Features of jumbo bag 1000kg with flap top
The jumbo bag 1000kg with flap top is a type of bag with a top panel that only sews on one side of the body. The entire top of the bag is as wide as the body part. Normally, each edge of the flap must be longer than the body of the bag so that they can protect the product inside completely after filling.

Applications of PP non-woven fabrics in life
PP non-woven fabrics are the most commonly used fabrics today. Non-woven fabrics can be found everywhere. The closest thing is the medical mask you usually wear every day. Nonwoven is a common term used in the textile industry to fabrics made by woven or knitted methods.

Where can I buy a 4 panel fibc
Where can I buy a 4 panel fibc with high quality and affordable price? This is a topic that is being discussed a lot on packaging forums. The main reason is that FIBC bags or jumbo bags have a special structure with extremely large loads to make packing and transporting goods more convenient.

What is the structure of Conical FIBC bags
Conical FIBC bags are flexible intermediate bulk containers whose body is tubular PP woven fabric sewn with the bottom of the bag and the top panels. The bag will be shaped according to the shape of the top and the bottom of the bag to create a circular or square jumbo bag.

What is the price of a jumbo bag 500kg
The price of a jumbo bag 500kg is always a concern of small and medium enterprises. Because this flexible intermediate bulk container was born to serve the industry and agricultural production. FIBC bags are very large in size, so they can hold a large number of different products and materials. Bulk bags are made from polypropylene woven fabric that is absolutely safe for users' health. 500kg capacity is suitable for packing and transporting goods.

How much does an 800kg bulk bag cost
800kg bulk bag is designed and manufactured with many different uses. FIBC bags come in a variety of sizes making it easier to choose the right bag. These are the factors that affect the price of jumbo bags when reaching consumers.

What is the 1 ton jumbo bag price
The commercial transportation of import and export goods is always risky. Therefore, choosing safe packaging for goods is a matter of concern for many businesses. Are you looking for a safe solution to transport dangerous goods? The UN standard 1 ton jumbo bag is the perfect solution for businesses that need to transport and store goods such as chemicals, asbestos. However, currently, which unit provides UN big bags?

How much do bulk bags gravel cost
Bulk bags gravel is a loose aggregation of rock fragments. This is one of the favorite materials in the field of architectural decoration or interior and exterior landscape. Using decorative gravel can create accents and unique features for the space of your home. However, the gravel is small in size, but heavy in weight, therefore, it is extremely difficult to transport. A bulk bag is a large bag that can hold many bulk materials such as agricultural products, rice, minerals, cement, and gravel.