What customs procedures do you need to carry out for exporting fibc bulk bags
Do you know What customs procedures you need to carry out for exporting fibc bulk bags? Jumbo bags are specialized packaging for exporting a variety of goods with large loads. This is also the most popular type of fibc bags in the freight industry for many countries. 

What kind of bulk bag should fine powder be stored in
What kind of bulk bag should fine powder be stored in to ensure safety and prevent the impact from the external environment? This is a common question of many businesses specializing in the production of cement or other chemicals.

Compare baffle bag and standard fibc bag
Baffle bag and standard fibc bag are two types of heavy-duty packaging that are widely used in both industry and agriculture. However, despite being widely applied and quite popular, few people can distinguish the difference between these two super sacks.

How are industrial super sacks lifted
Do you know how industrial super sacks are lifted? Jumbo bags are heavy-duty packaging that can store goods from 500kg - 2 tons, so they cannot be moved by human power but require the support of other devices.

3 things to know about lined super sacks
Lined super sacks are the perfect choice for bulk materials that require a high degree of security during packaging. The liner covers the entire inside of the package so that the goods do not come into contact with the fabric and seams of the jumbo bag.

Things to know when using chemical bulk bags
Chemical bulk bags are used extensively in the mining industry as well as in many other applications. This type of FIBC bags has a large capacity that not only saves cost and time but also storage space. However, when using this jumbo bag, businesses must also comply with legal safety requirements to ensure safety during use.

Fibc bulk bags with fully belted loops and information you need to know
Fibc Bulk bags with fully belted loops are specially designed for storing and transporting heavy goods. With a specialized design, big bags can transport different kinds of bulk goods without breaking or during transportation. If your business is in need of this high-end packaging bag, please follow this article immediately

Standard selection of 1-ton jumbo bags

Jumbo bag waste removal and what you should know
Jumbo bag waste removal is a type of bulk bags often used by service companies to collect waste. Currently, environmental pollution is at an alarming rate. Therefore, waste treatment solutions are always a top priority to help limit environmental pollution.

What is the structure of big bags of rice for export
Vietnamese rice exporters have great opportunities to dominate the Southeast Asian market in particular and the world in general. Therefore, the demand for big bags of rice has also increased thanks to their large size and diverse designs.