Basic factors when designing woven polypropylene bulk bags for chemicals
The basic factor when designing woven polypropylene bulk bags for chemicals is always an interest of many businesses. Packaging for chemicals requires strict technical standards because chemicals are expensive and easily damaged products if not packaged and preserved by quality packaging.

What is the packaging? Classification of industrial packaging
With the rapid development of the current market economy, should packaging become an extremely necessary product? And what is the concept of packaging? How is packaging used in the industry? Readers, please follow the article below to classify industrial packaging.

Can fibc bags be cleaned
Whether fibc bags can be cleaned is a question of many businesses when using this type of bag to pack and store goods. One of the most used packaging in the construction and agricultural industries is the heavy-duty bulk bag.

Bulk bags manufacturers with high quality and best price
FIBC bags are large-capacity packaging that brings many benefits and advantages to businesses. Today, there are many Bulk bags manufacturers, but not all of them can guarantee the standard quality and competitive price as advertised.

What role does packaging play in a marketing strategy?
Packaging plays a very important role in marketing strategy and brings many benefits to businesses. For packaging design companies and businesses product labels are a combination of materials, structures, images, colors, and other components to create visually appealing packaging to communicate and achieve brand or product goals.

The most common packaging on the market today
Today, packaging is no longer only used to store and preserve goods, but also effectively advertise products. Beautiful, impressive packaging can get a lot of attention from customers.

Benefits of using PP woven bags for agricultural products
PP woven bags for agricultural products are increasingly popular. It is obvious that agricultural products are easily affected by environmental, light, humidity, and other weather factors. Therefore, to preserve their quality and quantity the PP bulk bags for agricultural goods must be of high quality. 

Important criteria in producing packaging
According to the current trend, besides product materials, impressive and unique packaging design is the key factor in promoting the consumer's purchase. It is obvious that packaging increasingly affects the success or failure of a product or brand.

The role and feature of big bags
If you are a business and you identified how important the feature of packaging is. You are on the right track and your success rate is very high. Especially in the context of an open market economy, consumers have many choices from hundreds of different brands for the same product, therefore, the packaging becomes even more important.

All about the history, concept, and function of packaging
Since ancient times, our forefathers used the first packaging in history which were different types of leaves. Due to the demand for living, production, and exchange of products, people began to use bark and animal skins to create more secure and convenient bags. Readers, please follow the article to find out all information about the history, concept, and function of packaging with EPP VietNam from time to time.