Super sacks of sand in the construction industry
The construction industry is one of the important economic sectors of the country. Along with the development of society, construction works are carried out more and more, requiring professionalism and efficiency

The development of fibc industry in recent years
The fibc industry is one of the important industries for the Vietnamese economy. In recent years, this industry has had positive developments, reflected in indicators such as output, revenue, export and investment.

FIBC super sack: features and advantages
FIBC super sack or jumbo bags are a product commonly used in transport packaging. With flexible features, high durability, and low cost, fibc bags meet the requirements of many different industries.

Jumbo bag 500kg and information you need to know
Jumbo bag 500kg is a type of packaging capable of holding up to 500kg of goods. In recent years, this line of heavy-duty fibc bags has become more and more popular in the transporting, manufacturing, agriculture and construction sectors

FIBC bags specification 
Jumbo bag is a type of packaging commonly used in the industry to package products such as plastic granules, sand, cement, animal feed and many other products.

The secret of bulk bags recycling
Bulk bags recycling not only helps businesses save a lot of money but also protects the environment. FIBC bags can hold many tons of goods and can be reused many times.

Big bags of rice for export
Big bags of rice  can hold from 500 kg to 2 tons of rice, depending on the size of the bag. Jumbo bags are usually made from polypropylene (PP) fabric which is durable, waterproof and anti-termite.

Bulk bags of silage and important information
Bulk bags of silage are one of the very necessary products in our life. But the characteristics, features and applications of this type of fibc bags are not well known

Where to buy bulk bags cheap with guaranteed quality?
Bulk bags cheap are the best solution to help investors save costs for the production and packaging of items. Please see this article immediately so that EPP Vietnam can advise you on the role and benefits of FIBCs

Bulk bags garden stones
What are bulk bags garden stones? what are their application, and where to buy them? Those are the main topics that EPP Vietnam wants to discuss with you today