The demand for fibc container

Fibc container is made of thick woven polypropylene fabric for storing and transporting food, agriculture and other industrial products. FIBC jumbo bags are industry-standard big bags and offer an excellent combination of stackability, strength, and packaging convenience. Customers can join us to have an overview of the global fibc industry.

The demand for fibc container

The jumbo bag market is said to be in high demand globally. A few years ago, woven bags were the top choice for packing heavy products to avoid damage during transit. Today, the majority of businesses have chosen many type of fibc bags due to their higher protection for the material, larger capacity, and greater cost savings.

Furthermore, super sacks for sale can be stored easily thanks to their flexibility, and the products can be transported without pallets. These factors are predicted to drive the global fibc market in the coming period. In some countries like China, India, or Vietnam, the demand for bulka bags is expected to increase with growing industrialization and import and export.

All of these factors are predicted to drive the growth of the global FIBC market. Moreover, the chemical industry has seen high growth over the past decade. This aspect is assumed to encourage The demand for fibc containers globally and creates a huge opportunity for jumbo bags in a short time.

What are the advantages of using a fibc container?

You may find that the main benefit of FIBC is flexibility. Super sacks bags can hold any product in different specific types of fibc bags. A jumbo bag is relatively light in weight but it can withstand high working loads. You can customize the design of your bulk bags for sale to fit your preferred shipping method, jumbo bag filling machine, or jumbo bag unloading system.

Using empty super sacks will also save you space in your warehouse. Laminated fibc bags are designed to handle larger weights. So you don't have to use a lot of space-consuming containers. When not being used, bulk bags can be folded to a smaller size.

Buying fibc container at EPP Vietnam

With more than many years of establishment and development in the fibc industry, EPP VietNam specializes in manufacturing and supplying leading packaging products and becoming the main supplier for food companies, fertilizer businesses, import and export at domestic and abroad.

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