FIBC type c and practical applications

Type C big bag or FIBC Type C is the perfect solution for safely packing and transporting flammable materials. type C FIBCs are completely safe when they are grounded. Because of the fact that these packagings are resistant to any electrostatic potential that builds up during filling or discharging goods through the network of conductive yarns woven into the bag.

Customers should bear in mind that conductive bags need to be grounded continuously during use. Please join us in this article to learn about the applications of type C jumbo bags.

What is an FIBC type c?

Businesses dealing with dry and flammable powders are always at risk of fire or electrical discharge that can cause unexpected accidents. For that reason, finding an ideal solution to overcome these challenges is of immediate importance to businesses dealing with combustible materials.

Therefore, the invention of the FIBC type C was taken as a solution to deal with the challenges for businesses supplying and using combustible materials.

The new Type C bulk bags are manufactured from conventionally interwoven non-conductive polypropylene yarn in a mesh pattern with conductive yarns. The special construction helps to ensure that the conductive bag' electrostatic potential is transited into the ground.

This is done by ensuring a direct connection between the carbon conductive yarns to the ground, which acts as a dissipative agent to remove electrical charges that may occur during the loading and unloading of flammable material.

FIBC type c and practical applications

There are many different applications of type C fibc. Some of the main uses are in the chemical industries. Since type C conductive bags provide protection against discharges, they must necessarily be used in suitable situations. 

- Groundable big bags must be used in an environment that has a risk of explosion or fire.

- Type C jumbo bags can be used to store and transport combustible materials

- Conductive bags can also be used to transport and store flammable powders such as magnesium

- The use of these bags is ideal in case of any flammable or combustible environment such as the presence of flammable gasses, vapors, or any flammable dust during filling and discharging.

Instruction for use of jumbo bags

It is extremely important for users to understand how to use a FIBC Type C for maximum protection:

- Type C bags must be grounded to ensure the elimination of charges that may arise during loading.

- Likewise, while transporting and unloading the material inside, great care should be taken to ensure that the packaging is always grounded to avoid any accidents.

- At any time when the conductive fibcs are not grounded or the conductive wire connection is damaged, they should be avoided to prevent accidents.

Above is shared information about FIBC Type C and practical applications. If you carefully follow the instructions, type C bag will be 100% safe for the purpose of the operation. If you are doing business with flammable or conductive products and looking for an ideal solution to protect them from all kinds of possible challenges and accidents, please contact + 84 986 002 888 for detailed advice.


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