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Interesting Facts That You should know About FIBC Bags
The official name of FIBCs is the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, they are also known as Big Bags by many people. For the transportation and storage of different materials, these bulk bags are used. They can be designed with different options in filling, discharge, loops and customers has to select the one depending on their intended applications. Before selecting the FIBC Bags for your packaging need there are some facts about FIBC Bags that you should know.

Benefits of FIBC Bags in Different Industries.
How are FIBCs used to benefit different industries? Bulk bags offer a lot of advantages:

Pharma grade FIBC bags | Pharma grade bulk bags | Pharma grade jumbo bags
When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, a great deal of attention is paid to quality standards and strict procedures. This is because if the pharmaceutical materials are handled haphazardly, it can result in contamination. If you are using FIBC to transport, store and handle these materials, you need a pharma grade Bulk bags supplier that understands the setbacks and expectations well.

Sugar is the collective name of chemicals belonging to the group of carbohydrates. In addition, sugar is also used a lot in food production. Businesses often use FIBC bags with SWL 800kg - 1000kg to store and transport sugar as raw materials for production in food factories.

Wood pellets commonly used in heaters are popular in the European, Japanese, Korean, North American markets, etc., which have low temperature. Wood pellets are also used in many fields such as: lining chicken, pig, goat cages, or used in industrial and civil incineration equipment. FIBC bags are chosen by many EPP’s customers to store and export sawdust pellets, wood pellets, rice husk pellets with loading weight from 500 to 800kg.