Top 5 outstanding advantages of a jumbo big bag 
A jumbo big bag can contain almost all cargo. You can replace 20 50kg bags with one 1000kg jumbo bag which makes transporting, packing, and storing goods more convenient and improves productivity

Criteria for choosing high quality big bags 
Big bags, also known as large tote FIBC bags, bulk bags, jumbo bags are mainly used in the packaging and shipping industry. ThisHeavy Duty bag is made from special materials protecting your goods from external influences. Moreover, this bag also has many different working loads and specifications for many applications.

Super sack's latest price
Many businesses are concerned about the super sack's latest price. Businesses are applying Jumbo bags as a solution for packaging, storing and transporting goods.

Heavy-duty woven sand bags - an economical solution for the industry
Jumbo sand bags are extremely useful in a wide variety of industries and applications. 1 sand bulk bag can carry the same load as 40 traditional sandbags. Many investors choose FIBC bags to transport soil, sand, stones, … in the construction site or reinforce the structure, the embankment as the safest and most economical solution