Heavy-duty woven sand bags - an economical solution for the industry
Jumbo sand bags are extremely useful in a wide variety of industries and applications. 1 sand bulk bag can carry the same load as 40 traditional sandbags. Many investors choose FIBC bags to transport soil, sand, stones…

5 applications of jumbo bags
These specially designed bags are also known for their flexible usability, high loading weight, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. In this article, EPP Vietnam will share about 5 applications of Jumbo bags that are being applied the most and bring the most effect.

The differences between type A, B, C, and D FIBC bags
FIBC bags (bulk bags, big bags, jumbo bags, super sacks) are used in many industries to store and transport bulk materials. High-quality FIBC bags ensure your products are packaged safely complying with global standards and regulations

Reasons to choose milk powder bulk bags
Cuisine in general and drinks, in particular, are no longer within the simple framework of eating and drinking. It has been raised to the level of art. That is why the ingredients need to be meticulous in the processing, and milk powder is one of the important materials of this industry

Woven polypropylene jumbo bags - The best packaging solution 
While paper bags, 25kg PP woven bags have been the choice of many industries so far, Woven polypropylene jumbo bags have become the modern choice. The FIBC bag is an ideal choice in this modern industrialized age, these woven bags are designed with micro-holes that allow the bag to circulate air while preventing spills or leaks of fine powder

The Practical Application of PP Woven Jumbo Super Sacks 
The application of PP woven jumbo super sacks in practice is what many consumers and businesses are interested in to know if the product is really as good as advertised. In fact, the most commonly used FIBCs is the 1 ton bulka bag

Hydrated Lime Bulk Bag - The best choice for business.
Hydrated lime has long been familiar to everyone as building materials, soil acidity improvement, barn disinfection, etc. However, the transportation of lime is also a big problem for businesses.

PP woven jumbo bags for agricultural applications
Vietnam's agricultural industry is developing day by day. However, the farmer's work contains many stages and takes a lot of time. Farmers need to harvest products, spread seeds, fertilize crops, store materials, and transport their agricultural products to buyers

Type C big bags trend in 2021
Type C jumbo bags are industrial containers manufactured from flexible fabrics in particular polypropylene. FIBC bags on the market today are classified into type A, type B, Conductive type C bulk bags, and antistatic type D bags. All four of these FIBC bags have specific applications

FIBC jumbo bag for rice
Rice is one of the main food crops, providing food for more than 65% of the world's population. Currently, more than 100 countries around the world are involved in rice production. Asia is the main rice-producing region, accounting for 90% of the output as well as the area.