Spout top and bottom bulk bags
Spout top and bottom bulk bags are increasingly used for storing and transporting goods in the era of industrialization and modernization. Their dimensions are designed depending on the working load, the nature of the contained products, and the means of transport from each enterprise

Jumbo bags for silage
Jumbo bags for silage are designed with a large dimension to hold fine powders or fermented and silage products such as corn, grass, leaves... Being made of PP woven fabric, silage bulk bags are very sturdy and highly durable.

What should you know about Bulka bags 1 tonne? 
Bulka bags 1 tonne also known as 1 ton Jumbo bags, are widely used in packaging bulk materials. FIBC bags have many different working loads, but 1 ton bulka bags are used the most because they can transport different products in form of powder, granules, etc.

What are the features of U-panel FIBC bulk bags
U-panel FIBC bulk bags, also known as U-panel bags, are manufactured by using a long piece of PP fabric to create two sides and a bottom of the bag (forming a U shape). Then manufacturers will sew 2 more smaller pieces on the other 2 sides to form a complete bag

What do you know about bottom discharge FIBCs?
Bottom discharge FIBCs are specialized in packaging granular and powdered products such as plastic granules, chemicals, lime, limestone, flour, rice, bran, tapioca, coffee, pepper... Their ability to automatically discharge goods is very convenient and time-saving

Should we use old PP big bags? 
“Should we use old PP big bags?” is always a question of many businesses. PP big bag, also known as jumbo bag, FIBC bag, bulk bag is a packaging product used to transport and store various goods such as grain, chemical powder, or livestock products

Types of Food grade bulk bags
Food safety is always an urgent matter of concern to the whole society. This is also an important issue that makes food production businesses have difficulty when finding effective ways to pack and store food products

Common types of FIBCs
FIBCs with diverse dimensions and outstanding durability are chosen by many businesses as convenient packaging and transportation. Their size, working load (normally 500-2000kg) and specification will usually vary depending on the products inside.

Big bags for coffee
Vietnam is the second-largest coffee exporter in the world thanks to its tropical monsoon climate, which is extremely convenient for growing coffee. According to the latest statistics, Vietnam exports about 1.8 million tons of coffee, worth about $3.4 billion, accounting for 19% of the global coffee market. With a huge coffee output, many businesses use bulk bags for export and storage coffee

Things you must know about big bag 1.5 ton
Big bags 1.5 ton are PP woven bags mainly used in storing goods with a load of over 1 ton. This bulk bag is suitable for agricultural products, dry materials, cement, plastic particles, minerals, sawdust... Depending on the Safety Factor (SF), each 1.5 ton jumbo bag has its own different features.