What is the structure of 1 ton bulk bags

The 1 ton bulk bags have the main application of transporting and storing industrial products. FIBC bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications depending on the product inside. Ton bag is mainly used to store goods with a tonnage of 1 ton, suitable for storing agricultural products, dry materials, cement, plastic resin, minerals, and sawdust. So what is the structure of 1 tonne bulk bags compared to standard big bags? Readers, let's find out the answer in this article with us.

What is the structure of 1 ton bulk bags?

The use of 1-ton jumbo bags in packaging and transporting goods is increasing as their high durability, recyclability, and large loading weight. In particular, this packaging is designed for machinery and cranes, helping to reduce costs and labor.

In addition, bulk bags with handles have top and bottom spouts to save operating time and reduce loss and spillage of goods to the outside environment.

The top

The top of 1 ton bulk bags is designed in a variety of ways to suit each type of goods.

- Open top: Open top big bag have no lid or spout on the top of the bag. FIBC bags with the open top are often used to store bulk products (wood, ore, minerals, ...) or granular (soil, sand, ...) and some products that are transported without the need for preservation. 

- Duffle top/ Top skirt/filling skirt: The bulk bags 1 tonne has a filling skirt of the same size as the bag. The top of the bag has an average height of about 70-90cm, after using this cover will be tied to protect the product from the outside effects. 

- Spout top: Spout top big bag is sewn with a round (or conical) filling tube or funnel. This tube is called a filling spout made from thinner woven PP fabric compared to the body material. These big bags for sale are suitable for freeflow materials including minerals, milk powder, salt,.... 

The body 

 - U-panel : U-panel bulk bags are manufactured by using a long piece and 2 short pieces being the other two sides of the body. This fibc bag is always designed with 4 corner loops.

- 4-panel : 4-panel FIBC is sewn by 4 PP fabric panels to create a square shape and then add the top and bottom to the body part.

- Tubular: jumbo bag company using a tubular Pp fabric sewn with the top and bottom panels. This bag usually has 4 cross corner loops.

The bottom

- Flat bottom or closed bottom is a panel of Pp fabric sewn with 4 sides of the body.

- Discharge bottom has the same structure as the filling spout, but instead of sewing on the top, it will be sewn on the bottom of the jumbo bag. Normally this discharge spout will be reinforced with petal closure or star closure for better protection. 

What is the current price of 1 ton bulk bags?

Because of the difference between types of 1-ton jumbo bags, in terms of quality, shape, size, and safety factor, their price is also different. The selling price at the jumbo bag manufacturers also varies from time to time.

Product's name

Listed price

EPP High Quality Jumbo Big Bag for Minerals

2.99 - 4.0$

EPP Jumbo FIBC Bag with Filling Spout and flat bottom

3.98 – 4.53$

EPP Tubular bulk bag with filling skirt and flat bottom

3.89 – 4.37$

EPP Jumbo FIBC bag with filling spout and discharge bottom

3.98 – 4.60$


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