How much does an 800kg bulk bag cost

800kg bulk bag is designed and manufactured with many different uses. FIBC bags come in a variety of sizes making it easier to choose the right bag. These are the factors that affect the price of jumbo bags when reaching consumers. So how much does an 800kg bulk bag cost? Which fibc company provides the most prestigious and quality jumbo bags? Please follow this article to get the answer. 

How much does an 800kg bulk bag cost and the factors affect it?

800kg jumbo bags are large tonnage bags widely used in the packaging and transportation industry. How much is an FIBC is a question that many people are interested in. This is also one of the factors affecting the purchase of many businesses. Not only that but there are also many suppliers selling this type of product on the market. Sometimes too many choices make it difficult for consumers.

Price of Baffle Big Bag/Q-Bags

Product name

Listed price

EPP Baffle Jumbo Bag with Open Top 2

3.49 - 6.5$

EPP Baffle big bag Q bag form stable bulk bags with filling spout and flat bottom

3 – 5.20$

EPP Baffle jumbo bag with duffle top and flat bottom

4 – 5$

EPP baffle FIBC bag with open top and discharge bottom

4.6 – 5.2$

Price of Big Bag Type 2

Product name

Listed price

EPP High Quality Jumbo Big Bag for Minerals

2.99 - 4.0$

EPP Jumbo FIBC Bag with Filling Spout and flat bottom

3.98 – 4.53$

EPP Tubular bulk bag with filling skirt and flat bottom

3.89 – 4.37$

EPP Jumbo FIBC bag with filling spout and discharge bottom

3.98 – 4.60$

Pirce of UN Big Bag

Product name

Listed price

Made in Vietnam UN pp woven container bag UN formstable breathable canvas tote bags 1m3 Un certificate FIBC bag translation

5.5 - 7.0$

EPP Industrial bulk bag 1 ton Type A intermediated container UN 1 ton bag 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg UN jumbo bag translation

5.3 – 7.0$

UN super sacks Un certificate big bag Baffled type FIBC for FIBC PP Mineral Wool Rock wool Glass Wool Use Big Bulk Bag Super Sack

5.6 – 7.2$

Type C Type D bulka bag flexible 1 ton bag cheap made in Vietnam 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg Type C ground-able bulk bags translation

5.2 – 6.5$

Choosing 800kg bulk bag at EPP Vietnam

EPP VietNam specializes in distributing 800kg jumbo bags in Vietnam and many other countries with high quality and reasonable prices. For long-term customers or large orders, the company always has high incentives and discounts.

At the same time, EPP has a system of modern and professional machinery. By buying PP woven sacks at EPP VietNam, you will be able to take advantage of a production line with advanced technology, technical staff, supervisors, and skilled workers. We are committed to providing high-quality products with good prices and always ensuring the interests of customers.

In conclusion, we have learned about How much an 800kg bulk bag costs. Hope you got useful information from the above article. EPP Vietnam specializes in the production of industrial super sacks and supplies for enterprises producing and circulating goods in Vietnam and other countries. EPP always strives to become the leading packaging supplier in Vietnam. Please kindly contact EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd. at hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.


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