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FIBC bags are large-capacity packaging that brings many benefits and advantages to businesses. Today, there are many Bulk bags manufacturers, but not all of them can guarantee the standard quality and competitive price as advertised.

If you are looking for a reputable, big bag company do not ignore our article. The shared content will help you know which supplier is best to work with.

The production standards of bulk bags

A Jumbo bag is a heavy-duty bag used by businesses to store and transport goods with a weight of 500kg -2000kg.

Big bags are also a useful solution to promote the brand of the business and provide product information. Manufacturers can easily print their logo or product information on the super sack. Therefore, when producing big bags for storage, it is necessary to pay attention to the following standards.

Dimension of bulk bags

Dimension is one of the most important requirements when producing FIBC big bags. Because it not only ensures the working load but also greatly affects the safety during transportation and the packaging cost.

If you choose the wrong packaging, the cost will increase. Thus, the profit of your company will decrease. There is no exact standard dimension for PP bulk bags. Each product will need a different type of FIBC bag. As a result, before production, bulk bag manufacturers need to consider the dimension and product weight.

Types and shapes of bulk bags

FIBC products have many types and different specifications to meet each unique application. Therefore, when producing jumbo bags, businesses need to pay attention to suitable types of big bags for their customer's requirements. 

Circular jumbo bag:  The body of the bag is woven in the form of a round tube with a diameter of 80cm - 120cm. The body fabric will be seamless. This type of bag is usually designed with fully belted loops.

Square big bag: This is the more popular type of fibc bag because its safe working load is suitable for the majority of customers' needs. The body of the bag will have 4 seams to assemble the 4 edges of the bag to form a square structure. According to the bulk bags manufacturer's standards, these 4 seams will be sewn with 4 straps running along the 2.3 body of the bag.

Layers of packaging

Depending on the specific type of goods packed in FIBC bags, the manufacturer will laminate Polypropylene big bags with PP film or use PE liner to improve product protection. Packaging also plays an important role in creating a brand image. If the fibc packaging is damaged or deformed, it will not be able to create a high-quality product image and somehow affect the brand image.

EPP Vietnam specializes in producing high-quality bulk bags at the best price

EPP Vietnam specializes in exporting standard jumbo bags at good prices but ensuring all the above criteria. Coming to EPP, customers will always feel satisfied by the professionalism and the most advanced production technology.

Production materials are imported from famous foreign enterprises. Therefore, the quality is always guaranteed to be durable, tough, beautiful, sturdy, and environmentally friendly. We have a system of high-class factories, which are invested in modern equipment and machinery, and inspected by the authorities.

Above is the information shared about the bulk bags manufacturers with high quality and best price. EPP is a fibc supplier that regularly distributes type A bulk bags, type B jumbo bags, type C fibc bags FIBCs to domestic and foreign customers. If you need to consult or buy fibc products, you can visit: https://epp.vn/ or contact us directly by the phone number at the end of the article.

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