The most common packaging on the market today

Today, packaging is no longer only used to store and preserve goods, but also effectively advertise products. Beautiful, impressive packaging can get a lot of attention from customers.

Many enterprises focus on developing their product appearance and start using beautiful packaging with environmentally friendly materials. Readers, please follow our article with EPP Vietnam Co., ltd to learn about the most common packaging on the market today.

The importance of packaging on the market

In an age of advertising, there is no exception for packaging. In fact, we can see that packaging is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Therefore, it is not surprising that the packaging market is becoming more and more popular and causing great interest.

A beautiful and impressive design is not really necessary if the packaging's usage is storing the goods. However, if it is still used for advertising purposes, a beautiful and impressive design is now absolutely necessary.

Impressively designed packaging, made of high-quality materials, will be a powerful weapon for businesses, stores, and advertising campaigns. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to learn about commonly used packaging and find reputable manufacturers. So what are the most commonly used packaging types on the market today?

The most common packaging on the market today

The current PP woven packaging market is very busy and the use of packaging is increasing rapidly. The world packaging market will have fairly stable growth in the next two years according to the statistics of The Future of Global packaging in 2022. Especially in Vietnam, packaging sales can also grow from 3% to 4%.

If we classify packaging by material, we can refer to paper packaging, plastic packaging, carton packaging, and other types of packaging. Commonly used packaging types are food packaging, product packaging, coffee packaging, delicate packaging, and cosmetic packaging.

Woven plastic packaging

Woven plastic packaging is made from the main component of polypropylene (PP). These packages are coated with an outer film for added shine and durability. At the same time, the manufacturer can also add a layer of PE to increase the protection of the product. 

PP woven sacks are popular because of their low cost, ease of production, and high availability. Materials used to produce woven food packaging must be consumer-friendly and not harmful to human health. Customers can be sure that PP resins are colorless and odorless, therefore, no chemical reaction takes place in the natural environment.

Nylon packaging

Nylon is also a popular material used for packaging. However, nylon packaging often does not show the same professionalism as plastic packaging. Moreover, in the printing process, nylon is also a relatively difficult material.

Food packaging

Food is one of the essential things in life. Therefore, food packaging also exists everywhere with extremely diverse designs.

FIBC jumbo bags

FIBC packaging is a large-size packaging that is often used to store and transport goods with a weight of 500kg -2000kg in many different fields. This packaging is quite similar to woven polypropylene bags because they are all made from virgin polypropylene plastic. However, the difference will be in the design part. The bulk bags will usually have 2 or 4 extremely durable lifting straps to support the handling process of the bulk bags.  

Big bags are also a useful solution to promote the brand of the business and provide product information. Manufacturers can easily print their logo or product information on the PP super sacks to provide the necessary information about the manufacturer as well as safe handling instructions.

Readers have just consulted the article sharing information about the common packaging on the market today. Hope the above information will help you to find a reputable supplier for these products. EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd is manufacturing and supplying type A big bags, type B bulk bags, type C FIBC bags, type D jumbo bags. For any information, you can visit: or contact us directly. address at the end of the article.

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