Basic factors when designing woven polypropylene bulk bags for chemicals

The basic factor when designing woven polypropylene bulk bags for chemicals is always an interest of many businesses. Packaging for chemicals requires strict technical standards because chemicals are expensive and easily damaged products if not packaged and preserved by quality packaging. This is the largest segment in all types of packaging production. Readers, please follow the article to learn about the standards of chemical packaging with EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd.

The current situation of the chemical industry in our country

Using industrial chemicals in factories and plants has become familiar to Vietnamese people. They have been creating diverse products to serve most fields: agriculture, and construction,... and these products play an important role in the country's economy.

Our chemical industry accounts for a significant proportion of the industrial structure at 11.2%. However, this industry is still too small compared to newly developed countries in Southeast Asia in terms of production capacity. 

One of the notable reasons is that Vietnamese businesses have not focused on branding. Creating a personal mark not only contributes to improving the company's reputation but also creates sympathy with customers.

In particular, besides optimizing product quality, PP woven bags from chemicals have not been properly designed. The lack of information about the brand, ... makes it difficult for users to distinguish the type and usage and its preservation. It can be said that if you want to strengthen your business in the market, you must invest in eye-catching packaging.

What are the standards for woven polypropylene bulk bags for chemicals?

Polypropylene woven sacks are widely used in all areas of the chemical industry. Their functions are not only containing, but also supporting transportation and ensuring the product's safety.

Chemical packaging has distinct characteristics depending on the nature of the product. In fact, most of the packaging on the market often does not meet some basic requirements.

- Packaging needs to ensure durability, strength, and toughness during safe transportation.

- Packaging materials must not react with the contained product, affecting product quality and sometimes even being toxic to humans.

Chemical Polypropylene big bags must be moisture-proof and waterproof to protect the contents inside from the influence of factors from the outside environment.

Choosing woven polypropylene bulk bags for chemicals at EPP Vietnam

If you are looking for a reputable supplier of PP woven sacks for chemicals, you should not ignore EPP Vietnam. Our PP packaging is made from virgin PP plastic resin - a polymer that is a product of Propylene polymerization. Basically, FIBC products are divided into basic types such as type A big bags, type B jumbo bags, type C FIBC bags, type D bulk bags, and other special super sacks. 

PP resin has high mechanical strength (tear strength and tensile strength), which makes them harder than PE. They are not stretched and are suitable for making yarns. PP resins are colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. In particular, it is resistant to O2, steam, grease, and other gasses.

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