How to preserve FIBC bulk bags in your warehouse

FIBC bulk bags is one of the popular types of packaging used to preserve, transport, and store bulk goods. To ensure a stable and continuous supply of materials, most businesses will stock their products in the warehouse. In particular, jumbo packaging plays an extremely important role to preserve product quality. In this article, EPP Vietnam will share how to preserve big bags for storage in your warehouse to save costs.

Storing FIBC bulk bags at the right temperature

Humidity has a great influence on the quality of goods packaged in storage. In addition, Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate with high humidity. This also greatly affects the preservation of goods. Therefore, choosing lined super sacks or coated jumbo bags can help you protect your goods from moisture and environmental impacts during storage.

However, FIBCs should be stored in a dry environment with low humidity. This not only protects the guaranteed goods from moisture but also improves the life of the jumbo bag to avoid tearing. To preserve jumbo bags, you should put them in a dry warehouse, but not too hot and sunny. Moreover, special attention should be paid away to sources of fire, and appropriate temperature adjustment to properly store the packaging.

The storage space for FIBC bulk bags must be clean

One of the main causes of damage to goods is species such as cockroaches, rats, and termites…. They usually live in dark, rarely visited damp places. Therefore, to keep goods safe, jumbo bags need to be reserved well. 

It's best to clear the aisles that can help cockroaches and rats breed by keeping your storage space and warehouse clean and cool. In particular, you should also regularly check to detect the presence of these rodents and find treatment options before they affect the packaging and stored goods.

Organize and sort FIBC bulk bags to store goods neatly

There are many types of jumbo bags for storage, including tubular fibc bag, u-panel big bags, and bafle Q bags. To keep your goods organized, you need to arrange and classify super sacks in a scientific way.

Because of many different types and sizes, it is necessary to classify and arrange your bulk bags according to user needs to effectively save storage space and reduce search time.

You can divide them by size, package type, item type, or the number for ease of control. The arrangement of packaging and storage of goods in a neat, orderly, and scientific manner will make it easier for you to manage and check goods.

Regular Inspection on FIBC Bulk bags 

In the stage of storing and preserving products, you need to check the warehouse regularly to grasp its situation. Product quality is affected due to poor storage conditions of jumbo bags.

Furthermore, the reason can be the irregularly checking for direct harmful agents to the product such as termites, cockroaches, and moisture. You should do periodic or scheduled checks of storage status and rule out harmful elements.

Hopefully, the sharing on how to preserve FIBC bulk bags in your warehouse will help you use bulka bags for a long time. If you are looking for quality PP jumbo bags with the right quality and export standards, please contact EPP at the hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice. You can also visit to view samples before ordering.


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