What kind of bulk bag should fine powder be stored in

What kind of bulk bag should fine powder be stored in to ensure safety and prevent the impact from the external environment? This is a common question of many businesses specializing in the production of cement or other chemicals.

Thanks to the packaging, cement or fine powders can be protected from moisture and high temperature. At the same time, bulk bags come in many different designs and sizes, therefore, choosing the right types of jumbo bags to ensure efficiency when transporting and storing is extremely important.

Answer: What kind of bulk bag should fine powder be stored in?

Jumbo bags are industrial packaging manufactured with high-quality materials and in accordance with international quality standards. Known for their high load-carrying strength, these big bags for storage are considered one of the best packaging solutions for transporting special goods.

Furthermore, FIBC bags are known for their durability and ability to withstand heavy loads. The product is highly appreciated by customers due to its high tensile strength, low elongation, weather resistance, and better strength. To answer what type of big bags should the fine powder be stored in, we will first learn about some of the most common bulk bags.

Baffle big bag

The baffle bag is one of the specially designed jumbo bags. There will be baffled sewn inside the body of the bag to connect 4 sides and limit the bulge of the bag after packing. The fibc packaging is used to store common agricultural products such as flour, coffee, and rice.

Duffle top super sacks for bulk goods

Duffle-top big bags with a special design are used to pack large bulk goods such as stones, gravel, agricultural products, etc. This type of bag usually has a discharge bottom for quicker packing and discharging of goods. The bag is designed with 4 lifting straps to fix on the packing device and move it by forklift.

Fibc bulk bags with flap top

The FIBC bag with flap top is a coated Jumbo bag with the body sewn to one edge of the cover which can open and close the entire top of the bag. The flap top size is usually larger than the size of the bags' top. This type of super sack is often used to pack bulk and light goods such as sawdust ...

Fine powder should be stored in coated bulk bags

Fine powder should be stored in coated bulk bags with anti-leakage thread so that fine powder such as cement and minerals do not escape through the sewing seams.

Laminated big bags are made from PP woven fabric with an extra layer of PP film to preserve the product inside from water and prevent powdered products from leaking out.

The top

Most types of jumbo bags for fine powder are sewn with the filling spout to create a closed packing process. With this type of bag, businesses can use a system to fill and discharge fine powder to save labor and significant costs. In particular, many companies also produce additional flap tops as customers' requirements to prevent fine powder products from escaping.

The body 

The body of the bulk bags for fine powder will be coated with polypropylene film on the fabric to seal the small gaps in the seam. This film can be added to the inside or outside of the bag. Depending on the tubular or U-panel body bags, the fabric weight can be from 150 - 180 gr/m2 + 27 gr/m2 lamination.

FIBC liner

Poly Liner keeps your products free from any risk of contamination. Normally, PE liners are usually manufactured like tubular bags to suit the structure of jumbo bags with a thickness of 50mic - 90mic. PE liners are considered the simplest anti-fouling solution when storing fine powder products.

The bottom

Fine powder should be stored in bulk bags with a discharge bottom so that the discharge process is convenient and safe, and the working environment is not polluted. In order to control the discharge speed as well as ensure the load, the bottom discharge FIBC bag is also reinforced with star closure.

Above are the answers to what kind of bulk bag should fine powder be stored in. With the advantages that jumbo bags bring to our customers, this is considered the safest, most effective, and economical solution to preserve goods in the most optimal way. If you have a need to use FIBC bags, please contact EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd. at hotline +84 986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.

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