Standard selection of 1-ton jumbo bags

1-ton jumbo bags or big bags 1000kg are gradually dominating the market for packaging and transporting large loads. The predecessor of the bulk bag was made from PVC and used by rubber industry companies to transport carbon black.

Since then, the use of the FIBC bags has spread to many other industries due to the growth of big bags and their capabilities in the following years. Readers, please follow the article to know the standards when choosing big bags.

Standard selection of 1-ton jumbo bags

The big bag 1000kg is considered an ideal solution for the temporary storage and transportation of dry goods with a high quantity, such as powders. If you do not know how to choose the right packaging for your needs, please follow a few criteria below.

How to fill and discharge goods from jumbo bags?

This will determine the top and bottom options of the FIBC bulk bag. You can choose the spout top and discharge bottom pp bulk bags or duffle top and flat bottom super sacks depending on this information.

The design of the top and bottom in accordance with the method and device of filling and discharging the goods helps the process of using the bag quickly and easily.

Choose a reputable jumbo bag supplier

Currently, there are many jumbo packaging companies with different levels of quality and service. Choosing a reputable bulk bag supplier is an extremely important factor. You should pay attention to the following points: 

- A professional jumbo bag supplier will ask detailed for information about the contained product, your needs, and how to use your bag before designing the bag.

- A reliable supplier of super sacks always manufactures sample bags as customers' needs, only when you are satisfied, they will receive orders and start the production.

Great advantages of 1-ton jumbo bags

Do you want to speed up the discharge and packing of goods? FIBC bags will solve the problem thoroughly. Thanks to specialized machines and techniques adapted to this particular type of packaging, filling and discharging can be done relatively quickly.

Bulk bags for sale are also considered the cheapest packaging solution, with significant cost savings. You can store the product directly in the packaging thanks to the protective coated layer on the surface. Moreover, big bags can save usable storage space as they can be stacked scientifically and neatly.

This type of fibc bags can transport 300 times their weight. In addition, they are easy to use as the FIBC bags have built-in lifting loops. As a result, transportation can be handled easily with cranes, forklifts, and pallets.

Jumbo sacks are customized for a specific product or customer to meet any special packaging needs. FIBC big bag can be printed to effectively market the brand to customers.

Buying 1 ton jumbo bags at EPP Vietnam

EPP VietNam is a leading fibc supplier in Vietnam that can perfectly meet the standards of choosing high-quality 1 ton bulk bags. Here you can own quality products that meet ISO 9001. All products are tested for quality before launching to serve customers.

- Stable Quality, Competitive Price, and Professional Service.

- Provide a variety of FIBC bulk bags types A, B, and C according to clean food standards, ventilated bags for agricultural products, and wood.

- Products are guaranteed according to ISO standards

Above is a sharing about the standard of choosing the quality 1-ton jumbo bag. EPP always strives to become the leading packaging supplier in Vietnam. Please contact the hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.


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