Jumbo bag waste removal and what you should know

Jumbo bag waste removal is a type of bulk bags often used by service companies to collect waste. Currently, environmental pollution is at an alarming rate. Therefore, waste treatment solutions are always a top priority to help limit environmental pollution.

A bulk bag for waste is ideal for smaller volumes of waste, such as garden trimming, house cleaning, or construction waste with a load capacity of 500kg - 2 tons. Customers can follow our article to better understand the advantages of jumbo bag waste removal and the big bags company that provides the best quality products.

Why you should use jumbo bag waste removal

For many years, Waste treatment ensuring environmental sanitation has always been a difficult problem for the authorities. Landfills are now still having to "buckle" with an overload of garbage every day. That pressure makes the treatment of the output of the existing waste become more difficult. 

With a huge amount of waste in urban areas, garbage dumps always have to pile up when large landfills stop receiving garbage to urgently fill in the embankment of the wastewater reservoir. At the same time, domestic waste in inner-city districts is jammed on many roads and street corners.

To overcome environmental pollution in landfills as well as prevent the overloading of landfill cells, over the past time, the government has implemented many solutions, gradually reducing the pressure for waste output, towards a green, clean and beautiful environment. Waste removal bulk bags are the perfect solutions to reduce waste accumulation.

Advantages of jumbo bag waste removal

PP big bag for waste removal is a durable heavy-duty bag that can be filled with different types of waste. The FIBC bag is smaller and lighter, therefore, it is more convenient to move and take up less space. If you only need to handle a small amount of waste, then Jumbo bags will become a great solution.

The FIBC garbage skip bag has dimensions of about 90 x 90 x 120 cm and can hold about 2 tons of waste. Garbage collection with jumbo bags fits your own schedule. All you need to do is buy cheap jumbo bags to store waste. The bulka bag is made from large woven PP fabric with or without a layer of PP glue to get moisture-proof function.

You can use the waste bag for any kind of general household waste or commercial waste. Jumbo Packaging can contain many types of waste such as hazardous waste, chemicals, medical waste, hazardous waste, food waste based on each customer's requirement.

Notes when choosing jumbo bag waste removal

The volume of goods to be packed in a FIBC bag will be important information for calculating bag dimension, fabric weight, and strap breaking force. An optimal fibc container has the best size that fits the expected waste volume. Weight of fabric and loops needed to be chosen carefully to ensure safe use. This also helps the jumbo bag price be the most reasonable.

If your means of transporting jumbo bags is a forklift or a crane, you should choose a jumbo bag with the most suitable and safest strap design. It is necessary to choose a professional FIBC bag supplier. They have a team of professional consultants who will give you clearly the information before consulting the design of the bag. A reputable fibc company will produce bulk bags according to the 5:1 or 6:1 safety factor standards.

EPP Vietnam provides jumbo bag waste removal

Currently, there are many fibc manufacturers with different qualities and products. EPP VietNam is one of the reputable jumbo bag suppliers receiving the highest appreciation from customers. EPP always supports you to test samples, whenever you are satisfied, we accept orders and start the mass production.

With safety and customer benefits as the focus, EPP VietNam will advise you on which details should be removed and which details of jumbo bags should be increased to suit your needs and save the most costs. 

Above is our sharing about what you should know when using jumbo bag waste removal. If you have a need to use FIBC bulk bags, please contact EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd at hotline 0986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.

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