Things to know when using chemical bulk bags

Chemical bulk bags are used extensively in the mining industry as well as in many other applications. This type of FIBC bags has a large capacity that not only saves cost and time but also storage space. However, when using this jumbo bag, businesses must also comply with legal safety requirements to ensure safety during use.

What are Chemical bulk bags?

Big bags for chemicals are ideal packaging to safely and flexibly store and transport chemicals with large loads. This fibc product usually contains dangerous chemicals or chemicals stored for a long time depending on the state of liquid, solid ... Therefore, chemical jumbo bags need to meet strict standards and avoid corrosive or decomposing chemicals.

Chemical Storage Bags must be manufactured very carefully with a study of the materials and chemicals to be packed. Chemical packaging is used to minimize the risk of chemical incidents and environmental pollution.

Chemical bulk bags

The FIBC bag for chemical industry has a sturdy structure that ensures durability, strength, abrasion resistance, and good impact resistance. This bag is not torn, broken, or burst when packing as well as when transporting, storing and preserving at the warehouse. The important thing is that it causes no chemical reaction with the product contained inside.

The Chemical PP super sacks show full information about the chemical composition and how to use them. Jumbo packaging is the main communication channel between businesses and consumers, helping products gain a foothold in the market.

Special requirements for Chemical bulk bags

Containers and packages must be sealed, sturdy, and durable to withstand the impact of chemicals, weather, and external impacts when loading, unloading, and transporting. It is compulsory to store Used packaging separately.

Before loading chemicals, the workers must check the packaging, and chemical containers, and clean the used packaging to eliminate the possibility of a reaction, fire, and explosion when loading chemicals. Used Containers and Packaging that are not reused must be collected and handled in accordance with the Environment Protection Law.

Containers and Packaging for chemicals must have labels with all the contents in accordance with regulations on chemical labeling. Chemical labels must be clear, easy to read, and durable to withstand the effects of chemicals, weather, and external impacts when loading, unloading, and transporting.

Legal safety requirements for chemicals

According to Article 3 of the Law on Chemicals No. 06/2007/QH12: "Chemical is a single substance, compound or mixture of substances exploited or created by humans from natural or artificial sources."

Chemical safety is one of the important tasks in the implementation of occupational safety and health. With the development of society, production facilities and businesses are increasing day by day. This has increased the urgency in ensuring chemical safety in production and business establishments.

There are many causes of chemical incidents such as fire, chemical explosion, toxic chemical leakage, etc. However, the deeper cause is the lack of management of the technology, equipment, tools, and packaging used to contain chemicals. In Decree 113/2017/ND-CP Article 5 there are strict requirements on chemical technologies, equipment, tools, and packaging; especially the requirement for chemical packaging.

Advantages of chemical bulk bags

Chemical big bags have the outstanding advantage of being high-class fibc products that create complete packaging solutions and ensure no breakage during packaging and transportation of goods.

The Government has just issued Decree 69/2012/ND-CP amending and supplementing Clause 3, Article 2 of Decree No. 67/2011/ND-CP. In which, there are 3 types of pre-packed goods that are not subject to environmental protection tax. Specifically, the first type is pre-packed packaging for imported goods, which is jumbo bags.

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