What are polypropylene bulk bags used for?

Polypropylene bulk bags are a common product used in transporting goods from one space to another. They are normally designed with durable, waterproof features. PP super sacks have the ability to hold a large weight and preserve goods in the best way. Customers can learn more about the applications of Polypropylene sacks in this articles

How are polypropylene bulk bags used?

Woven polypropylene bags provide UV protection if they are exposed to the sun for a long time. One advantage of this material is that it is really light which does not add too much weight to your package.

Woven PP bags are used as sandbags for people living in flooded areas. They are filled with sand and arranged around the house to prevent water from entering the house. It has been found to be a remarkably successful solution to prevent major damage from occurring.

Food storage

Polypropylene bulk bags are environmentally friendly as well as reusable. Each bag has a different Safe Working Load (SWL) number. This is best for determining how much weight the FIBC bags can safely store.

You may not even realize that you see these bags often in stockpiles. Industrial super sacks are used to store agricultural products before distribution or export. Furthermore, jumbo packaging is also used to store rice, flour, and cereals.

Animal feed

Multi-layer PP bags are used to store all kinds of animal feed. Such as pig food, horse food, goat food, chicken food, dog food, cat food.

A variety of application

Polypropylene woven bags are mainly used in agricultural and food packaging. Polypropylene sack manufacturers offer PP laminated bags to the food industry for moisture-proof packaging of rice, flour, corn, and more.

Thanks to their strength and mechanical properties, these bags serve as a robust packaging solution for storing and transporting goods for longer periods of time.

Advantages of polypropylene bulk bags

Polypropylene was originally developed in 1951 by Phillips Petroleum as a result of a failed experiment. Two chemists tried to extract gasoline from propylene, but their attempt was unsuccessful. They quickly realized that the new element accidentally created in the process was very versatile and could benefit many industries.

Due to its low specific gravity, polypropylene fabric offers the greatest amount of yarn for a given weight, which means the yarn has good coverage and bulk while being extremely light. Polypropylene is 20% lighter than nylon and 34% lighter than polyester.

Polypropylene yarns are resistant to microorganisms, mice, moths, insects, pests, and bacteria. The PP woven fabric is also rot-resistant, which means it cannot grow mold. Since PP fabric is a strong material, it is more cost-effective than other materials.

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