Big bags of rice - the eco-friendly choice

Big bags of rice or jumbo bags of rice are "green" FIBC bags of EPP Vietnam for customers who care about the environment. Big bags are designed to reduce waste by at least 20% by using fewer materials to pack and ship your goods.

These bags are made of 100% polypropylene, which means they are completely recyclable to reduce waste in the environment. You can follow the article to have a more objective view of the products.

Great advantages of big bags of rice

In today's world, product packaging is often one of the most important choices a brand makes to ensure product safety and marketability.

Bulk bags of rice is an outstanding eco-friendly packaging solution widely used in many industrial fields. The recyclability of FIBC bags helps you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Environmentally friendly materials

The basic and most important material to produce big bags of rice is polypropylene. This resin is extruded to create PP rolls of various sizes. These PP yarns, when woven together, create a strong, durable yet very light fabric.

These fabrics are sewn together to create jumbo bags rice that take the world by storm in mass-packing with their eco-safe features. Furthermore, PP production is not resource-intensive, therefore, it will limit the environmental impact of the process itself.

Storing rice for a long time

Rice exposed to the air for too long is easy to degrade. In dry places, the storage time of rice is from 6-12 months, while in humid places, rice can only be preserved for 3 months. If coated jumbo bags are used, the rice is preserved for a long time.

Big bags rice are customized to fit any customer's specifications. It is the best type of bulk bags for controlled and storage applications of powder and granular products such as rice.

Large working load and easy to transport

Compared to using boxes or crates to pack rice for export, enterprises need more space and cost of transportation to factories than using jumbo bags. For example, a container can hold 200 crates or 2000 boxes can hold up to 12,000 bags of FIBC.

Each big bags of rice has a capacity of 500kg - 2 tons, helping businesses save even the cost of buying packaging. Therefore, when using FIBC bags, transportation costs are reduced and less storage space is required.

Recyclable and reusable

Polypropylene is a material that is often recycled, making pp woven bag for rice the most eco-friendly packaging option. Licensed recycling centers collect old damaged or worn FIBC bags for reprocessing into recyclable bags or other utility products that are completely safe.

The specially designed Bulk bags can have multiple uses. It depends on their safety factor whether they are reusable or not. Big bags of rice are durable and can resist weather agents.

Besides, there is no shrinking or stretching of the big bags material. Therefore, choosing used bulk bags according to proper handling guidelines can significantly reduce your costs by maintaining adequate supplies of packaging for storing and transporting products.

Cost-effective way

You can neatly fold the rice jumbo bags and stack them in minimal storage space when not in use. Since the bags are designed to transport bulk materials, you need limited space to store your goods and minimal shipping costs.

When handling products, these FIBC bags can carry materials much heavier than their own weight. Thus reducing packaging costs for your products. As a result, it will reduce the overall material handling costs as well as the carbon footprint of your business.

Buying big bags of rice at EPP Vietnam

Big bags rice at EPP Vietnam are increasingly popular and trusted by customers. Products at EPP have a Safety Factor of 5:1, to help ensure safety during use. The SF is an industry recommendation for the volume that an FIBC bag can handle in comparison with its safe working load.

FIBC bags of rice are certified to meet 5 times the weight of their safe working load. (Example: 1,000 lbs SWL = 5,000 lbs for SF 5:1). All products are tested for quality before being released to the market. When you buy products at EPP Vietnam, you also enjoy many attractive incentives.

- Stable Quality, Competitive Price, and Professional Service.

- Provide a variety of standard jumbo packaging

- Products are guaranteed according to ISO standards

We hope that our sharing will help you better understand the advantages of big bags of rice and choose the best place to buy jumbo bags. Please contact EPP immediately at hotline +84 986 002 888 or visit to find the most suitable product.


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