Choosing quality bulk bags for milk powder

Bulk bags for milk powder are now widely used in powdered milk powder manufacturing companies or food processing companies. Because processed dairy products are also not completely safe from potential spoilage unless they are properly packaged and stored. The smallest moisture can damage the entire batch of products.

Using FIBC bags provides an efficient and cost-effective way to store and transport dairy products, especially powdered milk. The jumbo bag is used to store milk powder with a bottom discharge spout for convenient loading and unloading of goods. Moreover, the bag also has a liner to effectively protect the milk from external influences.

Structure of bulk bags for milk powder

The discharge bottom FIBC bag is made from woven PP fabric (polypropylene). The body of the bag is usually coated with a moisture-proof layer or using a Poly liner. Discharge bottom jumbo bags usually have a filling spout or skirt. At the same time, it is possible to customize them depending on the goods, means of transport, and conditions of the customer.

The bottom of the bag has a discharge spout, with a diameter of 30 - 70cm, 50 - 70cm high. The spout is made of coated PP woven fabric and reinforced with petal or star closure. This closure is threaded with ropes or parachute cords to tie, withdraw and keep the bottom from damage. 

Choosing quality bulk bags for milk powder

Maintaining product quality standards is important for customer retention. The quality of your product also is affected by its packaging. Especially for some goods that need to ensure quality in preservation and packaging, the quality control process of the FIBC bag manufacturer is extremely necessary to provide the quality big bags. 

Before cooperating with a fibc supplier, make sure that you thoroughly check the quality at the supplier's manufacturing facility. Furthermore, the suppliers have the right procedures to produce and deliver safe, uncontaminated packaging to exact specifications. The quality assessment system should also be strictly followed to avoid any errors in the quality control process.

Checking product code

The product code on any product, including FIBC bags, plays an important role in the quality control process. These can tell you when and where packages were manufactured and help you monitor their quality and safety aspects.

In some cases, if a particular container shows a lot of defective products, it is easier to return the entire container by checking the location through the lot numbers. Therefore, it is important that your jumbo bag company uses the correct number to classify the bulk bags they are supplying to you.

Ensuring safety factor

Check the SWL and SF of your bulk bags before putting them into use. In this way, you can avoid dangerous accidents that can result in death and damage to the product. It is always advisable not to use large quantities of jumbo bags that exceed their SWL and to reuse them if they have an SF 5:1.

What are the advantages of using bulk bags for milk powder?

Powdered milk comes in large plastic and metal containers for many years. Besides being bulky and non-reusable, milk tins are more expensive than FIBC bags. Overall, the FIBC bulk bags offer a sustainable and economical solution for milk powder handling.

One of the outstanding features of FIBC bags is that they can be easily folded and stacked when not in use. Therefore, if you have a large number of jumbo bags, you can easily fold them up to stack for later use without taking up large warehouse space. This also reduces storage costs.

Moisture makes dairy products more susceptible to spoilage. Therefore, the use of traditional packaging cannot guarantee the safety of powdered milk. However, jumbo bags will help you solve the problem of moisture penetration of milk powder. The standard big bags are breathable. However, an additional FIBC liner can act as a protective shield to keep your product dry and safe to handle.

Buying bulk bags of milk powder at EPP Vietnam

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