Top 1 bulk bags aggregate in Vietnam

At construction sites, bulk bags aggregate are always indispensable parts. It acts as an effective solution helping workers increase their efficiency and working speed. This is also one of the main products that have made the reputation of the EEP Viet Nam brand. If you have any questions about this product, please follow this article for more information.

Bulk bags aggregate and what you need to know

If you do not know what a jumbo bag for building materials is, this is a super-sized, super-weight flexible bag. The name says it all, this type of packaging was originally born to contain super-large, super-heavy materials. Especially in the construction industry, it can help workers load tons of construction materials at once very gently.

Properties and advantages of Bulk bags aggregate

Classified as a super sack, the most obvious identifying feature of an FIBC bag for construction materials is a large body and a very wide bottom. This design ensures that the bag can carry tons of cargo at once without loss of goods.

The big bags for sale are made of PP resin, which gives the absolute advantage of durability. In addition, it also helps to increase the life of the bag, when each user has to bear a huge load.

In addition, the spacious body design also gives many unique positions in the field of transportation. Because the large body will help the industrial super sacks carry more materials, making the construction progress smoother and saving more time.

The capacity of Bulk bags aggregate

Specialized jumbo bags for storing construction materials, often have a load of tons. Usually, 500kg bulk bags are the most commonly used FIBCs to serve the construction of civil works.

As for large projects such as building bridges, roads, monuments, dams, etc., it is more appropriate to use 1 to 2-ton jumbo bags. With these super sacks, customers can use a crane or forklift. 

Types of Bulk bags aggregate

To make a big bag for construction materials, it will take a lot of PP resin. Each jumbo bag used to store construction materials is also often quite expensive.

Therefore, if used bulka bags for sale are still of sufficient quality, they will be kept and reused. The old big bags for construction materials will usually be much cheaper than the new ones. For the design, you can choose from many types such as baffle FIBC bags for cement or duffle top bulk bags pea gravel. Customers can easily choose a suitable dimension according to their requirements. 

Note when using Bulk bags aggregate

When using jumbo bags in construction, you need to pay attention to a few things:

- Do not use FIBC bags when the bottom of the bag shows signs of wear or puncture

- Before lifting the bag, it is necessary to attach both 2 or 4 loops of the bag to the hook securely.

- Please make sure that you will need to transport materials at least half a ton or more before buying bags, to avoid waste.

Preserve Bulk bags aggregate properly

Jumbo bags for construction materials can be reused many times after being used Or for other purposes. So you should preserve the old FIBC bag by scrubbing it thoroughly, then drying it, then folding it, and storing it away. You can totally have the opportunity to use it later, without spending money on a new bag.

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