Jumbo bags for cashews and best storage tips

In 2021, Vietnam's cashew industry be negatively affected due to a labor shortage affecting production workers in the whole industry. High transportation costs and congestion at seaports also cause these difficulties.

But Vietnam's cashew industry will grow positively in 2022. The reason is businesses always improve product quality and use jumbo bags for cashews in the best way during transportation export. In this article, we will share the advantages of jumbo bags for cashews and the best storage tips.

What are the benefits of using jumbo bags for cashews?

Jumbo bags are essential products in the import and export transport industry. It has a lot of advantages, moisture-proof, dust-proof, safe, and reusable. When using Fibc Bags, the first thing you need to consider is safety. During deployment, there is a mechanical device to pack the cashews into bags through the intake manifold.

At this time, workers must not stand under jumbo bulk bags to avoid danger. Pay attention not to tear the bag when lifting, do not overload when loading, do not shake back and forth during lifting, and try to load the truck vertically.

FIBC bags are made of 100% recyclable PP material. Recycling these bags saves at least one ton of plastic per 7.4 cubic meters of landfill space. One of the best features of bulk bags is that they are a lots of designs and premium materials that are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Moreover, FIBC bag has large payload up to 2 tons, are suitable for storing and transporting cashew for export. Jumbo bags for cashews often have a liner or PE coated to protect the product from the impact of the environment. The most common type of fibc bags for cashew are baffle big bags or bulk bag with spout top and discharge bottom.

Jumbo bags for cashews and the best way to store them

Cashew is classified as a hard nut, which means it has a thick outer shell that makes it stronger, resistant to damage and environmental changes. When stored improperly, cashews will easily absorb moisture and will not be kept for a long time in normal conditions. Here are a few storage tips when using jumbo bags for cashews.

Ensure the best dry roasting of cashews

When it is fresh, it is very susceptible to mold. If you grow your own, you must ensure that the cashews are dehumidified to at least 15% before long-term storage. You can refer to the humidity chart to know the level of moisture needed for cashews so that it can survive in the best place of normal storage.

Choose the kind of best cashew to export

Ultimately, choosing the right type of cashew for your needs can help you determine long-term storage. For example, grade 1 cashews are often selected for export. Specifically, the seeds that are large and not wormed are of the best quality.

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