Jumbo bag and specialized terminology you need to know

Jumbo bags or FIBC bags have many different types and sizes, depending on the type of items they contain. The specifications for these products are technical and confusing. When choosing a fibc bag to use, you need to choose suitable size and style bag for your storage and transportation needs. In this article, we will share with you information about the specialized terminology about FIBC bags you need to know.

The specialized terminology of fibc jumbo bags you need to know

Super sacks bags are made from woven polypropylene (PP), the size and structure often depending on the type of product contained. Transportation and unloading are done by lifting the goods onto a pallet. The top of the bag is sewn with two or four loops. Unloading can be easily done through the spout sewn into the bottom bag or simply by cutting or splitting.

- 4 loops in the corner: 4 side seam loops: corner belt

- Cross corner loops: cross corner loops

- 1 and 2 loops: 1 and 2 lifting straps

- Stevedore loops: powered horizontal belts

- Loops on the bottom (optional): bottom belt

- SWL (Safe working load): This is a certain capacity of the bag and related to the maximum weight product that the bag can hold. This number has ranges from 250kg - 2000kg

- Safety Factor Ratio: Standard bulk bags have Safety Factor Ratio 5:1, which means that when tested under laboratory conditions, bags with a capacity of 1000kg are guaranteed not to break when weight less than 5000kg. Safety Factor Ratio 6:1, typically heavy-duty FIBC made from thicker woven polypropylene body fabric and tested to a higher standard.

Note when using jumbo bulk bag

When using fibc bulk bag to packing or discharge  goods, it is necessary to the steps according to the correct procedure: The body bag, the loops bag must be evenly stretched at 4 corners and in the vertical direction and the spout must wrap tightly with the "loading hopper" so that the product inside does not leak out, causing dust and pollution. In addition, labor safety must be ensured.

When moving bags with a forklift, the forklift must be sure to go through all 4 loops. Don't lift with 1 or 2 loops. Super sacks bags must be used in accordance with the specified load, in accordance with the preservation process (temperature, outdoor ....), in accordance with the jumbo bag structure originally calculated to suit the product contained inside.

The jumbo bag meets both international standards for safety and quality. The product has raw materials used with respect to the safety of food contact applications. If you have a need to use Jumbo bags, please contact EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd. at hotline +84 986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.


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