Polypropylene and life applications

Polypropylene was invented in 1954 with countless benefits and performance that changed the packaging industry. You may have heard the term "woven polypropylene" as the main raw material for jumbo bags. So how is this material used in the packaging industry? Let's learn about the life applications of Polypropylene in this article.

What is polypropylene?

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic widely used in various industries. Synthetic resin is completely resistant to acids, bases, and chemicals making it the best material for many industrial applications.

PP Woven fabric is created by weaving the PP yarns and interweaving them together to create a light and surprisingly strong fabric. This is how premium fibc super sacks are made. PP woven bags are used to store different types of goods such as nuts (rice, salt), agricultural products, or chemical bags depending on the region and industry.

Polypropylene and life applications

Besides being lightweight and waterproof, PP woven fabric is also extremely eco-friendly and low cost. This makes it an affordable and efficient choice for different applications.

Jumbo bags for agricultural products

Premium big bags are manufactured from 100% Polypropylene used mainly in the packaging of agricultural products and food. Bulk bags manufacturers supply PP laminated bags to the food industry for moisture-proof packaging of rice, flour, corn.

Thanks to their strength and mechanical properties, these bags are considered a strong packaging solution for storing and transporting goods for longer periods of time.

The product is non-toxic, therefore, there is no risk of food contamination. Moreover, they're waterproof, so many sry products like salt, sugar, and flour can't get through the bag during transit.

Jumbo bags for industry

Pp woven big bags are also used in the construction of roads, mines, harbors, irrigation networks, buildings, railways and other constructions. These FIBC bags can perform essential functions required in construction projects such as isolation, drainage, and more. This is why PP woven fabric is the preferred synthetic material in many civil constructions.

Jumbo bag for Flood Barrier Systems

Sand jumbo bags also play an important role in preventing or reducing the harmful effects of floods. Since polypropylene fabrics are water, dust, and tear-resistant, and unaffected by rodents or soil bacteria, they are the perfect sandbags for Flood Barrier Systems.

Sandbags were primarily designed for military applications and temporary flood protection, however, they are now used in the construction industry worldwide.

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