The most prestigious jumbo bag company

Are you looking for a prestigious jumbo bag company to serve the storage and transportation needs of your business? Each manufacturer offers bulk bags with handles of different quality and prices. Please take a moment of your precious time to follow the article and find the most accurate answer.

The most prestigious jumbo bag company

Before looking for the answer of a reputable fibc company, readers should join us to learn more about FIBC bags. Bulk bags are the preferred choice for most industries today that need to store, pack and transport materials. For individuals and businesses that contain or transport large quantities of goods, bulk bags cheap is an ideal option with great economic benefits.

The capacity of super sacks wholesale is up to 500kg or 2 tons but larger big bags can store more. As each jumbo bag has detachable lifting loops, no pallets are needed for the transportation process. Each bulk bags australia can be reused about 5-6 times. The design of pp bulk bags is suitable for many different goods such as spout top and bottom big bags, Duffle top bulk bags, FIBC bags with a flap top,...

Each specification will be suitable for filling and discharging goods quickly. Lifting loops and lifting belts will help the bags to be loaded onto the transport vehicle in the fastest way.

EPP VietNam is the most prestigious jumbo bag company

Big bags for storage are used in industries to store and transport materials in bulk. Buying top-quality products from a trusted manufacturer ensures your goods are safely packaged in compliance with global standards and regulations.

EPP Vietnam has many years of experience in the manufacture and export of industrial super sacks designed to perfection for every customer. Our quality certifications and industry lifetime say a lot about our expertise and product standards.

Quality products

The lack of uniformity in jumbo bag quality and compliance with product specifications can be detrimental to your business. Therefore, EPP provides consistent quality packaging to bring the most effective products to your business.

Compliance with safety standards

Jumbo bags have a specific safe working load (SWL 2000lbs) and a Safety Factor (SF 5:1) that indicates the maximum weight the bags can carry and the number of times they can be reused. If these figures are not marked correctly or not suitable, the big bags and products can be damaged during use.

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