Compost super sacks with liners

Compost super sacks with liners are a great solution for safely and efficiently transporting and storing large quantities of fertilizer. However, for some products such as compost, the FIBC is generally not sufficient to protect the product from environmental impacts. That's why they are nested with a liner. In this article, we will explain a little more about this product and its great benefits. 

Find out more about compost super sacks with liners

Jumbo bags are very versatile and there is almost nothing that cannot be transported and stored in this type of packaging. FIBC is made from polypropylene woven fabric with high quality and durability. PE liners or Poly liners can make a big difference and help maintain the quality of products that need to be protected.

Bulk bags for sale near me are commonly used for fine powder and granular products such as compost. The liners inserted into each FIBC bag are made with glass adhesive tape that allows the liners to be sewn, tied, or glued to the bag to eliminate the possibility of product leakage. 

How many types of compost super sacks with liners?

The liners can be made from different materials to suit the specific needs of your applications. They can protect your goods from pollution, moisture, and oxygen. Liners are always customized to the needs and desires of the customer, creating the best compost super sacks with liners possible.

Tubular Liners / Lay-Flat Polyethylene Liners

Tubular polyethylene liner is the most common type of liner. They are cylindrical in shape, with an open top and heat-sealed bottom. If the bottom of the liner is sealed shut it must be cut to discharge the product. Tubular FIBC liners can be pre-inserted in bulk bags or can be purchased in rolls.

Bottleneck Polyethylene  liners

Form-Fit Liners are specifically designed to take the exact shape of the out PP bag with filling and discharge spout. Form-fit liners enhance performance and protect products from contamination during processing, storage, and transportation.

These liners also allow for consistent filling and discharging of the product as they have no creases that slow down the flow of the product. These Poly liners can be fixed to the bag or easily removed after use.

Baffle Polyethylene Liners

Baffle PE liners can provide superior package performance and sometimes reduce storage and transportation costs. The baffle liners are designed to fit the FIBC and the internal baffles will maintain the square shape and prevent the bag from bulging. The square shape of the baffle poly liner can also save space on pallets and in trucks.

Form-fit liners

As the name suggests, these liners work by creating the exact shape of the FIBC. They are made of polyethylene and can self-adjust to the shape of the FIBC, including the spouts, making it easier to load and unload the product they are carrying. The best part is that these liners can easily be removed from the FIBC or left there permanently.

In addition, for improved hygiene and increased protection, the top or bottom of the PE liners can be sealed. These liners are not only durable but are also known to be chemically resistant and moisture resistant along with antistatic properties. Thereby, compost super sacks with liners help the products remain completely safe and pure.

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