Top and bottom spout pp bulk bags for coffee beans

PP bulk bags for coffee beans have a top and bottom spout that makes loading and unloading goods more convenient and faster. The bottom of the FIBC bag has a discharge spout combined with a tie used for unloading. To preserve coffee beans well, jumbo bags are coated or nested with PE liner to improve moisture resistance. In this article, we will share with you the features of big bags for coffee.

What are the features of pp bulk bags for coffee beans?

Currently, Vietnamese coffee has been exported to most of the world markets thanks to its superior quality and rich taste. The main reason is the success in quick storage and transportation while keeping the value intact.

The jumbo bag for coffee beans is commonly used in the packaging of granular and powdered products. With the development of modern technology, FIBC packaging is designed for more applications, therefore, it brings many benefits to people's lives.

Top and bottom spout pp bulk bags are suitable for products that are packaged in powder, granular form such as coffee. The products are applied in an automatic jumbo bag loading system. The main purpose is to facilitate the filling and discharge of goods.

Some of the bulk bags are nested with a PE liner inside to maintain moisture resistance. This avoids adverse effects from the external environment and ensures coffee quality for as long as possible. The fibc dimensions are large, ensuring a high load capacity. The average load of a typical type of fibc bags is from 500kg - 2000kgs and or even higher. 

Advantages of using pp bulk bags for coffee beans

The most outstanding advantage of pp super sacks is the ease of loading and transport, and especially time-saving. Product packaging costs are very economical for many businesses. PP bulk bags can be used for a variety of products and cause no harm to the users. Empty super sacks and filled big bags are both durable and your material is well preserved.

Top and bottom spout of a pp bulk bags for coffee beans are made of coated PP woven fabric, with tie cords. The discharge bottom is reinforced with a petal closure, star closure or Pyjama closure, which is fastened with rope or parachute cord. These closures are tightened to prevent the bottom from damage and the rope can be pulled to discharge the goods easily.

Transport and unload big bags by forklift or pallet. Unloading PP bulk bags can be done easily through a discharge spout under the bag, or simply by cutting or splitting the bag. This line of large bags creates a convenient automatic loading and unloading feature, saving time, limiting dust accumulation, ensuring hygiene in the loading and unloading area, and protecting the environment.

Buying pp bulk bags for coffee beans at EPP Vietnam

In an era of modernization, there are so many models and premium coffee containers on the market, therefore, finding a quality supplier for this product line can be a big challenge. However, EPP Vietnam is the solution to this dilemma of export coffee producers.

We have a team of high quality, experienced human resources, combined with modern machinery to produce products that meet the requirements of quality and affordable prices. We specialize in providing pp bulk bags for coffee beans in large quantities to meet the needs of many businesses.

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