Features of jumbo bag 1000kg with flap top

The jumbo bag 1000kg with flap top is a type of bag with a top panel that only sews on one side of the body. The entire top of the bag is as wide as the body part. Normally, each edge of the flap must be longer than the body of the bag so that they can protect the product inside completely after filling. This type of cover makes it easy to put bulk goods into the bag saving time and effort.

This is a type of fibc that is commonly used in different industries to store all kinds of goods in blocks and pieces. Let's find out with us what the FIBC bag with flap top is.

Features of jumbo bag 1000kg with flap top

Bulk bag 1000kg with a flap top is widely used to easily fill and discharge goods. PP woven and PE coated fabric is the main material that makes this FIBC improve durability as well as preserve goods better.

The bag is usually sewn with a square body and 4 extra loops for easy transporting by forklift. The filled bag will be closed with a tie attached to one side of the body of the bag. The size of the flap top is usually larger than the surface area of ​​the top of the bag. This type of big bag is used mostly in industry and agriculture. 

The top

This big bag with a flap top is much more special than other jumbo bags. Furthermore, the top of this bag is sewn with a coated PP woven top panel sewn to one edge of the top, which can open and close the entire surface of the bag.

The flap top is usually larger than the dimension of the bags. That's why the product is called jumbo bag 1000kg with flap top. The FIBC bulk bag is designed with 4 lifting loops to move by forklift. The bag can be sewn with 2 more stevedore straps to be lifted by the crane.

The body

The body of the FIBC bag with flap top is also designed as a traditional bag, but the most popular is still the square body bag. The body of the bag has many different sizes depending on the nature and load of the product. The inside surface of fabrics can be coated with an extra layer to prevent moisture. Because of the special structure, this type of bulk bag wholesale does not have PE liner.

The bottom

The jumbo bag 1000kg with flap top usually has a closed bottom. FIBC bags have a large load capacity from 500kg - 2000kg or more. When transporting or unloading goods, they are carried out by pallets or lifted by the loops of the bags.

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