5 applications of jumbo bags

Jumbo bags are the first choice of most industries today in the storage, packaging, and transportation of materials. The bulk bag has outstanding advantages such as cost savings and optimizing cargo arrangement space. These specially designed bags are also known for their flexible usability, high loading weight, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. In this article, EPP Vietnam will share about 5 applications of Jumbo bags that are being applied the most and bring the most effect.

5 applications of FIBC bags today

With the development of polypropylene (PP) combined with advances in the textile industry, Jumbo bags were born and quickly applied by many companies to store and transport goods.

5 applications of jumbo bags

Depending on your needs and purposes, Jumbo bags or bulk bags are used to store raw materials and products with different loads. Here are 5 applications of bulk bags that are most commonly applied by enterprises.

Bulk bags for fine powder

FIBC bags, especially anti-leakage FIBC Bags with leakage-proof wires to limit the product leak. This special structure helps to achieve high efficiency when storing fine materials such as cement, powdered metal, minerals including titanium dioxide, zinc ash, carbon black.

Bulk bags are also used to store food ingredients such as powdered milk and spices. The big bag used in food storage should be added to a PE liner produced according to FSSC, BRC standards. The common application of FIBC bags with liners is storing milk and grains.

Storage and transportation of agricultural products

Improper storage and transportation of agricultural products will cause waste and damage to the product. To improve productivity as well as ensure that goods are always fresh, many businesses have used Jumbo bags to store and transport agricultural products. FIBC bags are very popular in the packaging and transportation of agricultural products for example grains, animal feed, and fertilizers.

Storage and transportation of agricultural products

One of the most selected bags for storing agricultural products is baffle big bags (formstable big bags, Q bags) which remains its square shape when loading goods and saves space during transportation. In addition, FIBC bags are made from woven polypropylene and are extremely beneficial for increasing the shelf life of the product. These bags withstand extreme weather, allowing temperature control inside to reduce damage while retaining the quality of agricultural products. 

- Proper product preservation

- Support the storage and transportation of agricultural products quickly and efficiently

- Increase product value to customers through professional packaging.

Ensuring safety when transporting special goods

Some products are flammable and prone to electrical charges, which can build up explosively. This makes it more difficult to transport them. Therefore, it is necessary to have a special packaging solution to minimize the risk of fire and explosion when transporting.

Type C and D bulk bags with filling and discharge spout are perfect choices for storage, transportation of chemicals, and other flammable products. These bags are fire resistant and antistatic to ensure safety during the transportation of dangerous goods.   

Storage of building materials

The construction industry is popular with many materials for instance cement, sand, stone, gravel as well as metals and minerals. Therefore, the selection of sturdy bags with a large working load to transport building materials is extremely important. Heavy-duty FIBC bags are suitable in the construction industry as they are flexible enough to pack and transport heavy materials. Moreover, they can easily be put on a pallet to transport materials with forklifts

Plastic transportation

The thermoplastics industry serves almost every other industry in the world. Therefore, the production, sale, and exchange depend heavily on the packaging of plastic resins to supply the market. Plastics are often transported from manufacturing plants to processing plants. Jumbo bags are a great option for transporting plastic resins safely and economically.

Jumbo bags are a great option for transporting plastic resins safely and economically.

Besides the above 5 applications of FIBC bulk bags, the product is also applied in many other industries. If you are looking for a sturdy, safe and flexible packaging solution for your industry, then our big bag is well worth a try. If you have a need to use Jumbo bags, please contact EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd at hotline 0982 318 233 for the most detailed advice.

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