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FIBC, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, (jumbo bags, big bags, bulk bags) is a large-sized container to store and transport many different products in the form of granules and powders such as cement, sand, fertilizer, plastic resins... The product has many advantages beyond that of traditional bags thanks to the airy structure that helps to increase its volume and loading weight. 

History of FIBC bags:

From the beginning FIBC Bags are manufactured from PVC rubber and commonly used in the rubber industry for the transportation of Carbon Black, a reinforcing agent in a wide range of rubber products. 

With the development of polypropylene (PP) in the 1960s, combined with advances in the textile industry, Jumbo bags were born and quickly became popular by many oil and chemical companies for the storage and transportation of powder and granular products.

With the development of polypropylene (PP) in the 1960s

With the development of polypropylene (PP) in the 1960s

During the oil crisis in the 1970s, bulk bags really played a role in transporting huge quantities of cement to the Middle East from all over Europe to cater for the rapid expansion of the oil-producing countries.

Throughout its heyday, more than 50,000 cubic meters of cement were shipped each week to provide for a lot of large-scale construction projects. Modern big bags carry products up to ¼ billion tons per year, and that number is still growing every year.

Advantages of FIBC bags

Bulk bags are now gradually becoming an essential application of life. This product possesses many preeminent features to meet all transportation needs. The bag is thick, sturdy with high loading weight, suitable for transporting cargoes in work and in life.

Bulk bags are now gradually becoming an essential application of life.

Most Jumbo bags are made from woven Polypropylene (PP) whose dimensions and construction can be changed to suit the goods inside the bag. Bulk bags can hold weights from 500kg - 2000kg, with two or four loops to effectively adapt the transportation systems.


Big bags are made from Polypropylene (pp) which is a highly durable material. Therefore, these bags are designed into many products with different sizes. At the same time, their construction can be easily changed to fit the product inside. Thanks to that, users have more options and easily choose the right bulk bags according to their needs.


FIBC bags have an ideal capacity of up to 2000kg and sometimes have the support of Pallets (flat structure used to fix goods during moving). The bag can be designed with 2 or 4 lifting loops, making transportation easy and convenient.


Compared to other types of containers, Bulk bags are more affordable. If you need durable bags to store cargo for a long period of time, then the bulk bags will be the best choice.

Using FIBC bags not only saves costs, but you also don't have to worry about product quality. In addition, this product does not take up space, users can fold the bag when not in use.

Application of Bulk bags

FIBC bags are widely used to pack goods and materials in many industries: agricultural products, rice, flour, coffee, pepper, animal feed, minerals, cement, coal powder, lime, chemicals, sawdust...

- Group of agricultural products: Rice, flour ....

- Group of fertilizer, animal feed, aquatic products.

- Group of industrial goods, chemicals, cement, construction....

Purchasing big bags from EPP Vietnam

On the market today, there are many reputable and quality FIBC manufacturers and distributors. EPP Vietnam is still the leading company trusted by many businesses and customers.

There are many factory partners that can produce all kinds of FIBC bags

EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd has an important mission: becoming an international B2B supplier specializing in the distribution and production of FIBC Bags. At present, we are supplying many types of FIBC: type A, B, C, food grade big bags, sling bags, ventilated bulk bags, UN bags, ... according to ISO standard.

- Our products are diverse from 500kg to 2000 kg: 1 ton PP woven bags, Jumbo bags

- There are many factory partners that can produce all kinds of FIBC bags

- Accept small and urgent orders with high quality and competitive price

- Understanding customers and their business fields to advise and design appropriate type of FIBC bags

Above are the advantages and information about Jumbo bags. With those advantages FIBCs are the most efficient containers for storing and transporting goods today. If you are in need of Bulk bags, please contact EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd at hotline 0982 318 233 for the most detailed advice.

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