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When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, a great deal of attention is paid to quality standards and strict procedures. This is because if the pharmaceutical materials are handled haphazardly, it can result in contamination. If you are using FIBC to transport, store and handle these materials, you need a pharma grade Bulk bags supplier that understands the setbacks and expectations well.

Pharma Grade Bulk bags

Pharma Grade FIBC Bags are exclusively designed for pharmaceutical materials so that they are in good condition and free from unwanted contamination. Bulk bags certified to the right standard offer a safe and convenient way to transport pharmaceutical products. Whether you are packaging baby formula or pharmaceutical ingredient, supplier will understand the extra requirements and can offer solutions for the most sensitive needs. For example, bulk bags can be manufactured under cleanroom conditions, approved for use in food contact, suitable for Pharmacopeia compliant.

Applications of Pharma Grade FIBC

Some of the major applications of Pharma Grade Jumbo bags are highlighted below:

  • Pharma grade Jumbo bag is used for storage of pharmaceutical products and since they provide safeguard against contamination.
  • Pharma grade Bulk bags protects pharmaceutical materials from dust and other foreign particles and hence can be used for transportation of medical products.
  • With Pharma Grade Big bags resistance against moisture it is an ideal solution to transport pharmaceutical goods.
  • Pharma Grade Super sacks is spillage proof and can be used for dealing and storing of chemical items in different industries.
  • Pharma grade FIBC bags being airtight and resistant against weather corrosives can be used as an ideal dumping strategy for pharmaceutical and chemical waste products since it is environmentally friendly and protects the environment from chemical contamination.
  • Pharma grade 1 ton bag can also be used for storage of powder and other similar structure chemical products because it prevents the materials from building static electricity, ensuring safety transportation or storage of such products.

Construction of Pharma grade FIBCS

Pharma grade big bags can be designed based on the customers’ request as the standard big bag.

Construction: 4- panel, U- panel,

Fabric GSM:120 to 250

Weight Capacity: Safe Working Load 500 kg to 2000 kg

Safety Factor: 5:1 & 6:1

Filling options: Filling Spout With Tie Cord / Draw String, Filling Skirt/Duffle Top, Top Flap/Cover,

Discharge options: Discharge Spout With Petal/Star/Iris Closure, Discharge Spout with Flap, Conical Bottom

Liner: PE (In the case of using liner, the linner must be tested and meet pharma contact requirements)

FIBC Liners in Pharma Grade FIBCs

Using FIBCs for pharmaceutical materials is beneficial when it comes with a polyethylene liner (PE liner). This ensures that the powdered materials is safe and secure at all times. With polyethylene liners, you obtain:

  • An added layer of protection for your products
  • Improved control for powders
  • Better protection against moisture and contamination

These liners can be purchased individually and can come pre-inserted into every bag so that it becomes easy to handle. As a customer, you should ask your supplier about poly liners and their availability at the time of purchase.

Quality control process

Raw material inspection and testing – process inspection and testing – final quality control.

In the final stages of production, prior to loading and packing, each jumbo bag is inspected by quality control personnel to ensure that all features are in compliance with customer specifications. The process of jumbo bag packing and baling is done by the following steps:

Blow off dust, residual material inside -> light to check for foreign objects -> fold -> pack -> wrap the bale.

Equipment used in the production process needs to ensure high technology, especially cutting technology to help limit the fibers of the woven fabric.

In addition, the ways of transporting jumbo bags to customers also need special attention. The container needs to be cleaned, the floor of the vehicle must be carefully lined.

Certification is Imperative

You can safely assume that the standards set for the food industry are similar to those set for the pharmaceutical industry. This is why, when looking for a reliable supplier, you have to check out certifications and see whether they can produce packaging that meets ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008, BRC Global Standards.

You also have to make sure that your FIBC bags use 100% virgin resin. This makes sure the bag is safe for pharmaceutical use.

The Hazards that come with Static Electricity

The pharmaceutical industry has to transport powders and materials that can be extremely volatile in nature, especially they are transported by FIBC bags. When bags are filled for discharge, the flow of the finely powdered substances can cause a hazardous buildup of static electricity. If not taken into consideration and properly mitigated, the dangers that come with static electricity can cause a disastrous event.

Generally speaking, there are four types of FIBC bags, namely A, B, C and D. Each of these bags comes with different features and safety measures. For static electricity buildup, types B-C-D are relevant and advantageous as they help to do away with this occurrence.


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