Type B Bulk Bags Type B FIBCs Type B antistatic big bags

Type B FIBCs are made from insulating fabric that have a low breakdown voltage (less than 6KV) to prevent an incident where highly energetic, and dangerous propagating brush discharges (PBD) occur. PBD can ignite dust-air mixtures and flammable gases and solvent vapors in the surrounding environment. EPP manufactures these bags using plain polypropylene or other non-conductive material, and like Type A bulk bags these bags do not have any mechanism for dissipating static electricity.


Type B FIBC bags are perfect for the transportation of powders which are dry and flammable.

Safe use for type B bulk bags:

Type B bags may be used in the presence of the combustible dusts with MIE of greater than 3mJ, but only in the absence of flammable vapors of gases. 

Labeling Requirements for Type B Bulk Bags

Type B FIBC labels cannot be made from material with surface resistivity less than 1.0 x 109 Ohm. (The electrical resistance of an object is a measure of its opposition to the flow of electric current.).

Type B bags Label Must State:

Permitted in dust zones with MIE > 3 mJ

Electrical property may be affected by general usage, contamination and reconditioning

All conductive objects including personnel shall be earthed during FIBC filling and emptying operations.

Example of a Type B Label:

Type B jumbo bags Specification

Type B big bags can be designed based on the customers’ request as the standard big bag.

Construction: 4- panel, U- panel,

Fabric GSM:120 to 250

Weight Capacity: Safe Working Load 500 kg to 2000 kg

Safety Factor: 5:1 & 6:1

Filling options: Filling Spout With Tie Cord /  Draw String, Filling Skirt/Duffle Top, Top Flap/Cover,

Discharge options: Discharge Spout With Petal/Star/Iris Closure, Discharge Spout with Flap, Conical Bottom

Liner: PE

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