Type C FIBCs - Ground-able bulk bags - Conductive Big bags

When FIBCs are filled and discharged, the flowing of the finely powdered substances can cause a growth of static electricity. Removing and or preventing an electrical charge is essential in the transporting of flammable and combustible goods or in an environment where fiery dust is present.

Type C FIBCs Overview

As one of the solution for packaging and transporting flammable materials, Type C FIBCs – which are also called as ground-able bulk bags or conductive Big bags –actually protects against dangerous static discharges during the filling and discharging processes. Type C FIBCs are made from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics interwoven with conducting threads traditionally sewn in a grid pattern. These conducting threads must be electrically interconnected as well as connected to the ground/earth during filling and discharging.

How Conductive Bulk Bags Work

Although not all of the products contact the conductive threads, the spacing of these threads make sure that any isolated charge developed on the surface of the bag is drawn toward the grounded threads, effectively neutralizing that charge. After grounded, type C bags technically cannot hold onto enough electrostatic energy which cause ignitions of a flammable environment.

Specification of conductive big bag

Despite of the conductive threads interwoven throughout the bag, Type C conductive FIBCs can be designed based on the customers’ request as the standard big bag.

Construction: 4- panel, U- panel 

Fabric GSM:120 to 250 

Weight Capacity: Safe Working Load 500 kg to 2000 kg

Weight Capacity: Safe Working Load 500 kg to 2000 kg

Safety Factor: 5:1 & 6:1: 5:1 & 6:1

FILLING OPTIONS: Filling Spout With Tie Cord /  Draw String, Filling Skirt/Duffle Top, Top Flap/Cover, Open Filling with Draw Cord

DISCHARGE OPTIONS: Discharge Spout With Petal/Star/Iris Closure, Discharge Spout with Flap, Conical Bottom. 

Where Type C FIBCs Work? 

Specifically, breakdown voltage of the bag is within 6kV. When used correctly and consistently, Type C bags can be safely used in an environment replete with combustible dusts, flammable vapours or gases having ignition energy levels greater than or equal to 0.14mJ. However, EPP recommends that you consult us to determine the most appropriate package for use in your particular environment.

Safety precautions when using type C conductive FIBCs

One has to keep in mind that the process of interconnecting and grounding of the container can suffer from careless human errors, just like any other manual operations. Before using Type C bulk bags, you need to ensure that the ground connection is present and it has not been damaged. If unavailable or damaged, the bags should not be used.

If the bag becomes ungrounded during either of these processes for any reason, it can create an extremely dangerous and explosive situation. Great care must be taken by operators to ensure a positive ground is achieved and maintained before beginning to use the FIBC.

In conclusion, Type C FIBC dissipates static electricity, keeps away brush discharges, and prevents sparks/ PBDs. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should ground the FIBC properly. Just a little carefulness on your part assures long term safety.

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