Lime is a versatile chemical with many uses. It is vital in the production of countless materials. Lime, or calcium oxide (CaO), is derived from high quality natural deposits of limestone, or calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that formed millions of years ago as the result of the accumulation of shell, coral, algal, and other ocean debris. Lime is produced when limestone is subjected to extreme heat, changing calcium carbonate to calcium oxide.

Nowadays, Lime powder and lime stone goes into glass production, paper manufacturing, agricultural practices, chemical processes, plaster, mortar and other building materials, to name a few.

Because of the high specific gravity of limestone and lime powder, Jumbo bags are most commonly used in storage and transporting these substances with capacity of 1000 - 2000kg.

Specifications of Jumbo bags for lime powder

Jumbo bags or FIBC bulk bag containing lime powder are made from PP woven fabric (Polypropylene fabric) with the structure including top, body, bottom, loops and can be coated with a layer of PP or PE liner.

Top: The PP woven bag for limestone will has an open top. However, when filling and discharge lime powder using jumbo FIBCs, it is necessary to limit dust from flying outside for the purpose of protecting the environment, workers' health and maintaining the hygiene of the factory. Therefore, a spout top bulka bag is chosen to transport lime powder and create a closed packing process.

Body: 1 ton PP woven bag for lime powder usually has a square body with a suitable fabric weight. Jumbo bags for lime powder and lime stones usually have a body fabric of 175 - 220 gr/m2 and may have anti-leakage threads.

Bottom: The FIBC bag will be sewn with a discharge spout and Star Closure & Petal Cover to increase the strength and convenience when using the jumbo bag.

Loops: The big bag for powdered lime or limestone is designed with 4 lifting loops (cross corner/ side seam) running along 2/3 of the body or bottom belt, for easy packing and transporting by forklifts.

Size: Depending on the customer's request, the ton bags for lime will have different sizes, but the common sizes will be 88cm x 88cm x 110cm and 100cm x 100cm x 120cm.

Lime powder and limestone has a high humidity absorption rate, therefore, a 1000kg big bag for lime will need a PE bag (liner) inside. This is a tubular bag with a thickness of 50 - 70mic, larger than jumbo big bags.

Color, printing

The color of FIBC bags for lime powder is usually white or beige. Big bag containing stone powder can be flexo printed from 1 to 4 colors on 1 or 2 sides of the bag.

Technical standards

The big bag for lime powder produced at the factories of EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd. must ensure the following technical standards:

• Ensure safety factor

+ 5:1 for single use.

+ 6:1 for reusable purpose

Anti- UV Protection up to 1600 hours.

• Factory certificate

+ ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 22000:2015; HACCP 2003 Codex; SGS; UKAS; BSI; BRC

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