Quang Tran Phat Co., Ltd
Quang Tran Phat Co., Ltd
Street No. 3, Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Zone, Hiep Phuoc Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai, Vietnam
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Established in 2010, Quang Tran Phat is a company specializing in production and export of industrial packaging such as: Jumbo Bag, Sling Bag, Container Bag, PP-PE technical geotextile, Kraft (KP) textile, Geotextile PP…

With a factory of 15,000 m2 - Output of 3.600 tons/year and quality management according to ISO 9001 International Standard System: 9001:2015 - ISO 14001: 2015 & ISO 22000:2018

During the whole path of development in recent years, we have always made self-perfection and non-stop efforts to invest in the most modern and advanced technology, research and development of products with highest quality. At the same time, we have always been consistent to our unique goal and mission, that of  “Increase the value, quality, usability of products ” and proud to be one among Vietnamese enterprises at the forefront to pay much interest in products, helpful services and contribution to the protection of the environment.