Why do we use PP woven jumbo bags for rice?

Packaging in general and PP woven jumbo bags for rice in particular are no longer just a protective cover for the rice inside, but today it also has a distinctive feature as well as a great meaning in advertising and brand communication. With these large, durable bags, we can hold numerous rice and optimize transportation.

What properties make this bag a specialized product for storing rice? Readers can join us to find out why jumbo bags for rice help increase productivity and save labor right in this article. 

Features of PP woven bulk bags for rice

Durable and tough Rice bags can withstand greater weight. Thus, tearing and perforation can be avoided when large quantities of rice are stored. In dry conditions, the bag can protect the rice inside from moisture and water in the outside environment. In other words, rice bulk bags also play a great role in protecting product quality.

Durable and tough Rice bags can withstand greater weight

Currently, FIBC suppliers also produce rice bags with many different dimensions and working loads. In addition, we can also combine advertising and communication through PP woven bags for rice. For example, Customers can easily request printed bulk bags with your company information and logo on rice packaging bags. As a result, it has greatly reduced advertising costs through other costly commercial channels.

Standard of FIBC jumbo bags for rice

Standard bulk bags for rice are manufactured according to a guaranteed technological line, meeting the factors of quality and specifications. The first and most important criterion is durability and toughness. The bulk bags are used with which specific working load, it needs to be manufactured with such working load.

Suppliers also can design the appropriate dimension based on this criterion. Users should also pay attention to this factor to choose the right type of rice big bags. In addition, rice FIBCs must be waterproof, dustproof and closed. These are factors that protect rice from moisture, mold as well as loss of taste.

Material of PP woven jumbo bags for rice

Most types of rice packaging are produced from PP woven fabric because of its durability and great advantages. Rice packaging FIBC bags are known for their low cost but high load capacity compared to other packaging bags.

Most types of rice packaging are produced from PP woven fabric because of its durability and great advantages

On the market, there are many materials used to make bulka bags for rice, but PP yarn is still the most important material. Because of its relatively strong characteristics and high ductility. PP’s resistance to water, grease and other gases is also better than other materials.

PP yarn is colorless, odorless, tasteless, easy to decompose, therefore, it is environmentally friendly. The yarn surface also allows for sharper print quality. The ability to bear high loads at an affordable price makes this product popular with many customers.

EPP provides the most prestigious PP woven jumbo bags in the market

When customers need to find jumbo bags for rice, EPP VietNam will be the perfect supplier. EPP has constantly strived to improve quality and service with the desire to bring customers impressive and quality packaging solutions, helping to increase revenue and optimize costs.

When customers need to find jumbo bags for rice, EPP VietNam will be the perfect supplier

– Product quality assurance

– Giving Prestige to receive trust from partners and suppliers.

– Sustainable development puts customer satisfaction first

Readers have just learned about the features of PP woven jumbo bags for rice and the reputable supplier for these useful products. EPP is constantly finding better ways to pack and protect products. We are proud to present the most efficient FIBC bulk bag solution. If you want to buy high quality FIBCs, please visit to see the model or contact +84 986.002.888 now for a detailed quotation.

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