What are the features of FIBC type C

Conductive big bags or FIBC type C are manufactured to prevent dangerous electrostatic discharges and sparks by grounding the bag itself during filling and discharging. This is thanks to a network of conductive yarns woven into the fabric. As a result, conductive bulk bags are used to safely transport flammable powders. You can join us to learn more about the outstanding product in this article.

Features of FIBC type C

Conductive big bags are typically made from non-conductive polypropylene yarns interwoven with carbon conductive yarn in the grid pattern. These conductive fibers must be electrically interconnected as well as connected to the specified earth/ground during filling and discharging.

This connection to the ground during loading and unloading goods is required for the safe use of FIBC type C. The product allows for the proper handling of flammable or hazardous materials. They are also suitable to store products in environments with flammable gasses.

The role of FIBC type C

When it comes to jumbo bags, the proper product is crucial to the safety of all involved in handling and transportation. As FIBCs are filled and discharged, the goods can cause a build-up of static electricity by moving onto the fabric of the bag.

In contact with flammable substances, sparks can be generated by this movement which can cause fire accidents if proper safety instructions are not followed. The type C bulk bags are specially designed to control the amount of static electricity present and prevent these adverse events. Conductive fibcs impede electrical charge by helping to withstand and control discharges – the sudden flow of charged electrons between dissimilar objects.

Advantages of FIBC type C

– Allows safe handling of materials

– Lightweight for easy transport and storage

– Can be customized according to individual requirements 

– Can be used without other packaging.

– When FIBC bags are not in use, you can fold and store them all in one corner, saving you storage space and associated fees.

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