Should we use lined super sacks or coated bulk bags? 

Jumbo bags have been serving the bulk packaging needs of various industries for decades now. However, sometimes we have to choose between using lined super sacks or coated bulk bags with PP film depending on the customer's requirement. Therefore, EPP wants to share some information mentioned below to help you choose which FIBC bag is right for your business.

Should we use lined super sacks or coated bulk bags? 

Jumbo bags are considered the most practical transportation and packaging solution for many companies in food, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. These packages come in a variety of types, sizes, and shapes as well as a wide variety of uses.

Therefore, figuring out which FIBC bag is right for your business is an extremely difficult task. One of the interesting points when choosing the right big bag for your business is whether to choose a FIBC bag with a liner or PP coated jumbo bag.

Lined super sacks

In case your goods need extra safety, you may have to choose FIBC jumbo bags with PE liners. These PP bulk bags, manufactured using woven polypropylene, come with FIBC liners - or PE liners inside.

The liner helps to protect the product from contamination, moisture, and outside air. FIBC Liners have an effective moisture-proof, water-repellent effect to protect powdery goods.

Bulka bags can be flexible and many industries want to reuse these durable bags for longer use and cost savings. The SF 6:1 jumbo bag can be reused many times. In these cases, the liner can be removed after packing and replaced with another liner to reuse the bag again. Customers still need to check and make sure that the outer bag is not torn or punctured by any sharp edges.

PP coated bulk bags

The nature of the product will determine if you really need a PP film-coated FIBC bag. The coating protects the product from moisture and dirt. If you require standard water-proof and moisture proof features, then ideally use coated FIBC bags.

However, laminated jumbo bags are generally the same as other FIBC bags, with a lightweight polypropylene film added to the outside or inside of the bag. This provides extra protection and limits air and moisture from contacting the goods. 

It is a fact that while choosing the right bulk bag, it is important to consider the small details along with the size of the packaging. Businesses need to determine the correct type of fibc bags and their working loads with coated or uncoated surfaces, with or without liners, and additional accessories before proceeding with bulk bag orders.

Above is an article that answers the question of whether to use lined super sacks or coated bulk bags with PP film. EPP always strives to become the leading packaging supplier in Vietnam. If you want to buy the above packages of EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd., please contact the hotline at +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.

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