Where to buy high-quality antistatic type d fibc bags?

The jumbo bag was originally developed in Europe in the 1970s. However, it has since been widely adopted in the Americas and other developing countries. The use of FIBC bags is popular today in all types of industries.

Businesses dealing in conductive materials are always at risk of fire, explosion, and electrical discharge leading to accidents. Therefore, the invention of antistatic type d fibc bags is a solution to solve the challenge.

What are the anti-static type d fibc bags?

Anti-static jumbo bags or FIBC Type D are developed from materials with conductive properties that have caused this line of packaging to encounter many problems over the years. However, the new antistatic big bags are manufactured from electrostatically dissipative polypropylene interwoven with conventional fibers.

This ensures that the bulk bag is capable of dissipating all static electricity generated during the loading and unloading of flammable powdered goods. The packaging is designed by ensuring that the bond between the dissipative fibers without the need for a direct connection to the ground. The super sack acts as a removal solution for charges that may occur during the filling and discharge of combustible goods.

What is static electricity?

Static electricity is an imbalance of electrical charges inside or on the surface of a material. The charge remains until it can be moved away by current or discharge. Static electricity is named in contrast to the current that flows through conductors or other conductors and transfers energy.

A static charge can be created whenever two contacting surfaces wear and separate. At least one of the surfaces has a high resistance to current (insulator). Most people are familiar with the effects of static electricity because people can feel, hear, and even see sparks when the excess charge is neutralized when brought close to a large electrical conductor.

Application of type D fibc bags

Jumbo bags are now widely used to transport bulk dry goods such as fertilizers, granules, seeds, resins and powders, making them suitable for use in many industries. However, they are prone to generating an electrostatic charge. This happens when powders and other granular materials come into contact with each other, rub against each other, and separate – a process known as friction electrification.

It is now recognized that electrostatic discharge from ungrounded bulk bags during loading and unloading can ignite a sensitive, flammable atmosphere and cause an explosion. This electrostatic charge can build up on both the product's internal components and the structure of the material itself.

Instructions for using type D antistatic FIBC bags

It is extremely important that users understand how to use a type D jumbo bag to get the maximum possible protection with usage:

  • Anti-static bags are used to store flammable powder products

  • The bag can be used even in environments with combustible dust, gases, or vapors

  • Do not use the antistatic FIBCs when the surface is contaminated or covered with conductive materials such as oil, grease or other combustible materials.

If these 3 guidelines are strictly followed when using a Type D bulk bag, it will be 100% safe for the purpose of operation for which it is used.

Buying anti-static type D big bags at EPP Vietnam

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