Vietnam's current cement export situation

Export operations are becoming more and more crucial to any nation's trade activities in the era of global economic integration. Vietnam has thus seen a dramatic surge in export activity in recent years. Vietnam's export output, particularly of cement, surged significantly.

What is the most recent export process for cement as of 2023? Follow this post to learn about the prerequisites and steps needed to ship cement overseas, readers.

Vietnam's current cement export situation

In terms of production, the cement sector is "saved" from overcapacity by the cement export route as the supply has 40 million tons more than the demand. Large-scale cement exports may temporarily free up domestic production capacity, but they are not a long-term viable option.

As domestic investment growth continues, the supply of cement is rising. Despite the fact that it has been altered to meet the rate at which cement is consumed in light of economic expansion and the Construction Industry Development Strategy. Vietnam will have 90 cement manufacturing lines by the end of 2021, with a total capacity of 117 million tons (estimated as 80% clinker + 20% additives), while this capacity is actually more like 140–160 million tons (70% of clinker + 30% additive).

What prerequisites must be met before exporting cement?

The question of whether cement exports require a license or not is unclear to many people and export groups right now. Businesses may simply and legally complete cement export operations by being aware of the requirements for exporting cement.

When shipping cement, use the HS code

Finding the item's HS code is a prerequisite for correctly determining import regulations and processes in the field of import and export, generally, for any product. Portland cement, aluminum cement, slag cement (porous), super sulfate cement, and comparable water-resistant cement (hydraulic cement), whether or not colored or in the form of the clink, are cement with HS of Chapter 25.

Cement export packaging

One excellent eco-friendly packaging option that is popular in many industrial industries is cement Jumbo bags. Your company's carbon impact may be greatly reduced because of the recyclable nature of this packaging line.

The polypropylene plastic used to generate PP tapes of different diameters is the basis of the Jumbo bags. When these ribbons are woven together, a tough, long-lasting, yet incredibly light fabric is produced. These materials are combined by sewing to create the Jumbo bags, which have revolutionized packaging because of their eco-friendly properties.

Jumbo bags that have been specially developed can withstand several uses, based on their safety factor indicating whether or not they are reusable. The Jumbo bags are extremely resilient and can withstand environmental elements; nevertheless, they cannot withstand material stretching or shrinking.

Cement export regulations

The following elements are used to carry out cement export procedures:

- Create documentation for customs.

- The Customs Sub-department at the checkpoint of export, the Sub-department of Customs where the enterprise has its headquarters or a production facility, or the Sub-department of Customs where exported goods are gathered, is where businesses must declare the information in the customs declaration and register for customs declaration.

- The customs authorities will inspect the customs declaration in accordance with the guidelines set out by law.

- Declarations must be distributed by competent agencies.

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