FIBC bags exports have many new prospects

FIBC bags exports are increasingly promising due to the global trend of using green packaging. PP bulk bags or jumbo bags are considered the most optimal solution for transporting and storing goods. The production of big bags in Vietnam has been applied for a long time, but only in recent years, the export industry has grown strongly. Readers, please follow the article to understand the strengths of developing jumbo bags.

Facts about the FIBC bags exports

Super sacks wholesale are widely used in many industries of the economy such as food, agricultural products, minerals, construction, and chemicals. FIBCs are not recommended for liquid cargo, although there are many types of coated bulk bags or lined super sacks. 

Raw materials for the production of FIBC bags

The main raw material for the production of big bags is PP (Polypropylene) resin, which is a petroleum-based plastic, created from the polymerization of propylene. PP has high mechanical properties and a large breaking force. At the same time, PP is a non-toxic plastic, therefore,  it is extruded into PP yarns and woven into the fabric, and sewn into FIBC jumbo bags.

In addition, in the composition of raw materials for jumbo bags, there is also a small percentage of additives such as color particles, and UV. Depending on the manufacturer, the percentage of ingredients is always over 95% virgin PP, 2% UV, the remaining 3% are necessary additives to ensure the fibc product is durable and safe during use.

The load capacity of FIBC bags

Each bag has a different safety load. This indicator is abbreviated as SWL (Safe Working Load). SWL indicates the maximum weight that the bag can safely store. The jumbo bag is an eco-friendly product and can also be recycled for many different uses.

With the characteristic of packaging a large volume of goods and meeting the transportation and flexible use process, bulk bags cheap are often produced very strongly. Jumbo bags manufactured by a reputable jumbo bag supplier should at least achieve a safety factor of 5:1 for single-use bags and 6:1 for reusable bags.

That means, in order to break a super sack, at least a compressive force must be applied to the bag of at least 5 or 6 times the SWL. This makes the bags extremely safe during use as well as stacking during storage and transportation.

FIBC bags exports have many new prospects

The production equipment and technology of big bags are extremely modern to produce the most standard products. Over a period of time, FIBC products can also meet the market demand. The business is in the development phase.

With the rapid development of international trade and logistics, the international and domestic market has undergone great changes. FIBC is used by more and more companies and businesses. Because of the large capacity, convenient loading, and unloading, and high efficiency, pp super sacks are growing like never before.

The use of FIBC has entered different aspects of society, such as food, and chemicals. Domestic and international fibc manufacturers have developed healthily and rapidly with bigger and bigger scale. The level of equipment is becoming more and more advanced.

This helps the continuous production of big bags for sale to meet the demands of the overseas market. At the same time, it will help FIBC exports get better and better.

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