What are top-lid Bulk bags?

The top lid bulk bags or jumbo bags with flap top are usually designed with a square body to match the top of the bag. The most common body fabric weight is 140 gr/m2 – 220 gr/m2 to ensure the safety of the goods and the bag without breaking during transportation. So what kind of goods are top lid FIBC bags commonly used to pack? Readers, please join us to find the most appropriate answer in this article.

How many popular types of bulk bags today?

Heavy-duty jumbo bags are commonly used in industries such as chemicals, minerals, fiberglass, and many other fields. At the same time, we can see FIBC bags in food industries such as for sugar, salt, and starch, or in agriculture for grains, cereals, and fertilizers.

Tubular big bags

A tubular jumbo bag is a type of fibc packaging whose body is a round tube-shaped fabric sewn with a top and bottom panel. Depending on the shape of the top and the bottom (circle, rectangular, or square), we can design shape of the bag.

Duffle top jumbo bags

It is a bulk bag with a wide cover which usually has a diameter from 60 to 100 cm. Big bags with skirt covers are used to pack goods with large lumps, blocks, or powders with little dust. It can be sand, agricultural products, pellets, or ores.

Mineral FIBC bags

Mineral jumbo bags meet quality standards for storing minerals. Jumbo bags are often used to store minerals such as titanium slag, bauxite, kaolin powder, stone powder...

Most minerals have a large specific gravity, therefore fibc super sacks for minerals are often small in size, but the strength is much higher than that of other jumbo bags.

Closed-bottom bulk bags

This jumbo bag has a closed bottom, therefore, you have to discharge the goods by toppling the bag or slit the bag. FIBCs with flat bottoms are usually used for heavy goods or other lightweight materials. 

Discharge bottom FIBCs 

These bags have the ability to automatically discharge goods conveniently and save time. On the other hand, it also helps to limit dust spillage to ensure hygiene in the loading and unloading area as well as effectively protect the environment. This type of bag is commonly used for granular and powdered products such as limestone, flour, and rice.

Spout top super sacks

These FIBCs are designed with a filling spout, a round tube at the top of the bag, to store powder or granular goods such as bran, and flour.

Baffle bag

This type of bag has a large load capacity with 4 baffles which are pieces of PP fabric with holes. These baffles will keep the shape of the bag square. Q bags are suitable for flexible products and meet the customer's needs. 

What are top-lid Bulk bags?

The top lid jumbo bag is made from woven PP fabric. The flap top is sewn to the edge of the top and can be opened and closed to the surface area of ​​the bag. This is a specialized jumbo bag for storing and transporting heavy goods for international transportation needs.

Structure of the jumbo bag with flap top

The super sack with flap top is extremely flexible and convenient, consisting of 3 main parts: the body, the top, and the loops.

- Top: One edge of the bag's top is sewn on a square sheet made of coated PP woven fabric weighing from 80-120 g/m2. The lid is usually larger than the mouth of the bag. After the lid is closed, the bag's top is covered over and secured with the attached tie.

- Body: The Top lid bulk bags usually have a square body made of woven Polypropylene fabric. Depending on the nature of the product and the working load, the body fabric has different sizes and shapes. 

- Loops: the FIBC bags with flap tops usually have 4 lifting straps with a width of 4cm - 10cm and breaking force from 750 kg - 2500 kg depending on the working load.

Note when using top-lid Bulk bags

Big bags with flap tops are often used to store products in the form of blocks, pieces or small bags, therefore, the bottom of the bag is usually a closed bottom, without a discharge spout. When using this type of bag to pack goods, the correct packaging must be selected with the specified load. Storage temperature and correct packaging size were originally calculated to match the product contained.

When using jumbo bags with flap tops for storage or transportation, customers absolutely must follow the correct procedures and operations: The body and the loops of the bag must be evenly stretched at 4 corners and in the vertical direction, ensuring labor safety.

Above is information about some popular types of FIBC bags, as well as the top lid bulk bags. EPP is producing various types of type A big bags, FIBC type B, type C jumbo bags, and antistatic type D bags. Please visit https://epp.vn/ or contact us if you need any more information.

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